What To Do If Your Dream Trip is Suddenly Canceled: A Spontaneous Trip to Paris, France

Nicole Jones is a student at the University of South Florida and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She is studying with ISA in Berlin, Germany.

Imagine this: You’re about to leave for your dream vacation that you’ve had planned for months. Your bag is packed, your passport and ticket are ready in hand, and your taxi is set to arrive at any moment. Then, on your phone, an email pops up reading “your flight has been canceled.” If you are like me, you panic. What do you do? There aren’t any other flights that could leave right now to your destination, your hotel is booked, and you have a week full of tours lined up.

After you’ve come to the realization that you’re not going to your original destination, there are multiple things to be done. You’ll need to call your airline, tours, and hotel to tell them that you can’t make it and need a refund. However, most importantly, it’s time to book a last minute trip. You still have a week off of school or work, and rather than being sad about your cancelled trip, make a new, spontaneous one to journey on the next day.

What is the best place to travel to at the last minute? Paris, France.

Paris, France has so much to offer for the solo traveler, the big family, or the loving couple. With the rich history, beautiful canals, picturesque landmarks, and exciting activities, Paris is the ultimate place to reroute for your dream vacation. Below are a series of pictures from my last minute trip to France that I planned in only a few hours.

Disneyland Paris is fun for both kids and adults!
Used to Orlando’s Cinderella Castle? Well get ready for Sleeping Beauty Castle in Paris!
The Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of many examples of Paris’s rich history
Make a life long commitment and memory at Love Lock Bridge
See the Eiffel Tower with your own eyes
Movie Buff? Walk the steps of Leonardo DiCaprio from the movie “Inception”
“You’re waiting for a train.”
Check out the Mona Lisa and the Coronation of Napoleon at the Louvre Museum
The Palace of Versailles is only a short train ride away from central Paris
With Garden’s like this, it’s no surprise that the Palace of Versailles is a UNESCO World Heritage Sight
50 unique fountains can be found at the Palace of Versailles
Take a tour through the gardens to find out the hidden meaning behind each fountain

It’s easy to panic when a sudden change in plans happens. If your flight gets canceled, take a deep breath and realize that some things happen for a reason. There’s a world of opportunity at your fingertips and you might end up falling in love with a city you never expected to.

The world awaits…discover it.

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