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Veritas Christian Study Abroad in Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla, Spain

No matter what culture you find yourself in, the love of Christ can transcend any boundaries whether that be cultural or linguistic. I have found that is through actions that the Lord is able to show his love and joy to others in the culture that is around you at that time. Whether it be with my host family or with the church that I was able to be a part of for my short time in Seville, I found that my actions spoke so much louder than words. Even when I could not communicate fluently across the cultural boundaries, a smile, laugh, or an act of kindness could be understood no matter what. For me, this was what I took away as being the most important part of cross-cultural ministry. – Morgan Lawson, Texas A&M University – Sevilla 2017

Veritas Christian Study Abroad in Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaíso, Chile

I volunteered weekly at an orphanage, spending time and playing with the kids who were there. There were around twenty children, ages 6-14, and we didn’t have any set plan, any deep discussion points — we were just there to spend time in fellowship. To play, create, to show the children that someone cared about them. While that kind of ministry doesn’t leave a physical mark, simply by looking, you can see the children blossom when they feel valued and heard. The greatest impact I saw volunteering here? One day, I was playing with a little girl, and she reached for my necklace. I didn’t think anything of it, it’s just a simple cross necklace, and I never take it off. She took the cross in her hands, and said, “That’s so pretty, what is it? Can I try it on?” “Well, it’s a cross, do you know who Jesus is?” She nodded, and we had a small talk about the Lord, and she asked questions, exploring the concept of faith. It was so beautiful to see how such a small action, just a little conversation can lead to something so much bigger. God truly works in beautifully intricate ways. – Jordin Bednar, Capital University – Valparaíso 2017

Rome, Italy

My time in Rome, Italy, will change my life forever. I learned so many new things about culture, about ministry, about loving others, and about serving people who did not have the privilege I have. I feel that seeing another culture experience God in a different way helped remind me that God is not bound by American culture, but that throughout the world I can see different aspects of Him… Italy has showed me different ways to thank God for His goodness. – Trevor Weaver, Liberty University – Rome 2017

Veritas Christian Study Abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica

San José, Costa Rica

Jesus did not just preach at the people, but gave them their physical needs and listened to the people as well. This ministry did a wonderful job of meeting physical needs, listening to the women, and then bringing up church and Jesus. Many times the people talking with the women did not even bring up Jesus or the Bible because they were still working on the relationship aspect. While this form of ministry is a much harder and longer process, I feel like it is more effective and beneficial in the long run…. I loved Costa Rica so much that by the fourth week of my time there, I started looking for ways in which I could live there. This could have never happened if I did not fall in love with the country, the culture, the people, the language, or the way that God has taught me there. All I can say is thank you, Costa Rica for everything I learned and for every way that I grew while I was in your country! I cannot wait to go back! – Carlyn Hawkinson, Azusa Pacific University – San José 2017

Paris, France

Much in my life has changed over the course of this semester, from my perspectives on ministry, my understanding of culture, to my personal cultural identity… The changes that have occurred are in my heart and in my mind. My participation in this program has shown me things about other people, God’s Work, the Church, and myself. I think one of the greatest ways that I will be different is in the way that I think about the world. I imagine someone living their whole life unable to see color, they know that it exists, others tell them about it, but they can never experience it for themselves. One day, they receive the opportunity to wear glasses that allow them to see color for the first time. With these new glasses, their life will never be the same. This is how I feel about my time living, studying, and doing ministry in Paris, France… Now that I have experienced it, I will never be able to look at the world the same. – Nathan Gaydosik, Shorter University

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