Top 5 Ways to Study Abroad in Málaga and Become Like One of the Locals

By Heidi Doerr, ISA Málaga Resident Director

1. Stay Active

Get outside and go for a long walk on the Malagueta promenade or at “Muelle Uno” (the commercial port)! Every day there are loads of Malagueños running, walking, riding bikes, you name it! Malaga’s wonderful weather makes it a great place for outdoor socializing. Considering that Málaga is a green city, this is also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint!

2. Volunteer at a Local School

Students enrolled in an ISA Málaga semester or academic year program (no language minimum) can integrate themselves into the community by participating in the Málaga Volunteer Teaching Certificate Program. This program allows students to volunteer as native English speakers in a public school in Málaga, gaining hands-on experience working with students and faculty. Typically, students volunteer for 2-4 hours per week. Upon culmination of the program, students will receive a certificate from the school indicating their successful completion of volunteer hours.

3. Eat a Smurf or Drink a Cloud!

Yes, you read that right! Here you can order a “pitufo” (which means “small sandwich,” but the same word is used for ‘smurf’) and you can order a café con leche, which in Málaga is an art of its own. You can order a “nube,” which is light on coffee and has more milk. ¨Nube¨ is also the word for cloud.

4. Enjoy Tapas with Friends

Get your fill of delicious, traditional Spanish tapas at one of the many tapas restaurants throughout the city. Sharing these dishes is one of the best ways to spend time with your Spanish friends.

5. Participate in the Lively Student Life

Enjoy all of the perks of a medium-sized city that feels like a small town with some of the most energetic student life in Spain. You can participate in Language Exchanges with locals, cultural events at the university, go with your new friends to have a tea in a “tetería,” or to one of the many beautiful rooftop patios.

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