Education Major? Sevilla Has You Covered!

By Kendra Ansotigue, ISA Senior Site Specialist, Spain

Sevilla is a great location for all types of college majors, but today I want to highlight why Sevilla is a fantastic choice for education majors. The semester/year program, “Education in a Multicultural Context” at the ISA Study center allows students to take education courses in English. Additionally, students will participate in an educational internship component alongside their coursework. They will have the opportunity to learn how to build lesson plans, create digital portfolios of their work and learn about various education systems.

Here are three reasons why this program is a standout choice for education majors:

1. Instruction
The course offerings for this program are a great addition to any education majors’ academic transcript. Students on this program are required to take a second language acquisition course combined with education courses, electives in English, or Spanish language courses. These education courses will equip students with the tools to prepare lesson plans, the latest material published within the field of TESOL, different approaches and methods used to teach and how they vary culturally, and how different educational systems function.

2. Opportunity to Practice
Alongside the course offerings at the ISA Study Center, students are given the opportunity to put their knowledge to use. They will participate in an educational internship as an English assistant at a local school for a few hours per week. This is a great opportunity for students to engage in the local community and create relationships with other teachers and students while developing professionally.

3. Reflection
One of the required components of this program is the E-Portfolio. This portfolio is a great way for students to reflect on their experiences throughout their time in Sevilla. Under the supervision of their professor, each student will be able to express their unique experience and articulate what they have learned through their E-Portfolio. Students can then demonstrate their experience by sharing this portfolio with professors at their home university and even future employers.

In addition to all of the opportunities listed above, students who partake in this program will also have the option to host informative sessions to local students about the advantages of studying abroad in the United States and to practice different lesson plans with Spanish Masters students. These informative sessions can also be recorded, with permission from everyone involved, which is a great way for students to reflect and practice their instruction styles. If students are looking for teaching options outside of the internship placement, we encourage volunteering at a local school with a different age group than what they are exposed to at their primary placement.

This fabulous program truly has all the essentials for an education student! It has the learning component, the hands-on experience, and the reflection factor. Should you have any questions about this program in Sevilla or about the city in general, let me know! I’m always happy to help.

Author: International Studies Abroad (ISA)

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