3 Foods to Try in the Dominican Republic

Destiny Harris is a student at University of North Carolina at Charlotte and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is studying abroad with ISA Service-Learning in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

I have been in the Santiago for a little over a month now. When hurricane Irma threatened the area, we were evacuated back to the U.S. While I spent that weekend in the U.S., I could only think about the safety of my host/ISA family and all the fresh food I was missing! The food in the Dominican Republic is like no other! There is so much to spotlight, but for the sake of time I will dwindle it down to three favorites.

1. Chinola!

Chinola is the Dominican word for passion fruit. I am completely obsessed with chinola! I have had chinola juice, popsicle, ice cream, soda, and yogurt. I am waiting to discover a new way to intake chinola, and so far, the taste hasn’t disappointed me. I’m convinced that chinola is the best fruit in the world! If you’re ever in the Dominican Republic, ask the waiter or waitress for “jugo de chinola”. Trust me– you won’t regret it!

2. Tostones!

Tostones are plantains that have been fried, then smashed, then fried again. They are typically sprinkled with salt and served as a side dish. I love plantains, and of the many ways Dominicans cook plantains, this way is my favorite! If you love food with a good crunch, tostones are for you!

3. Locrio!

Locrio is a dish made with rice and meat. I’ve had it with chicken, as well as with pork. This is my favorite of all the rice dishes I have had so far! The chicken and/or pork is a seasoned and cooked in the pot along with the rice, which allows the rice to soak up all the meat’s flavor. It tastes amazing!

I could eat tostones and locrio every day! I am currently trying to stop myself from having some form of chinola daily! When the food is fresh and tasty it’s hard to stop eating it. I hope to master making these dishes before I return to the U.S. so that I can share them with my family. I recommend that everyone try these amazing Dominican foods!

The world awaits…discover it.

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