Study and Mission Work? Get to Know Veritas.

Veritas Christian Study Abroad (Veritas) is a division of International Studies Abroad (ISA). With Veritas, all programs are designed to include mission experience and education, both in and out of the classroom. Participants will work with the local church & ministries while earning college credit toward their degree! Serving others in the host community for a semester or summer program gives unique immersion and perspective of the host culture. Participants will get a broader understanding of the joys and challenges of cross-cultural ministry beyond the experience of a short-term mission trip.

So where can you go on a Veritas program? Take a look.

Sevilla, Spain – The gem of Andalusia, this gorgeous southern Spainsh city has seen it all, dating back to around 2,200 years ago with some claiming its founder was Hercules himself! Many have heralded this city as the embodiment of Spanish culture, so expect all the sights and sounds you’ve always dreamed about! Outside Sevilla, students will have the chance to explore many other major cities and towns throughout Spain as well as a week of trekking through Morocco! The Veritas mission mentors will help you to see Sevilla in ways the typical study abroad student misses as you take opportunities to join in the work that God is doing in this beautiful city.

Valparaiso, Chile – Called Latin America’s San Francisco by many, this colorful and vibrant seaside metropolitan city will become your home away from home in no time. Every walk to class becomes a sightseeing adventure as you strut past the beautiful well-graffitied walls lining the streets along the many hillsides. Even the cuisine bursts with color from the local staple, El Completo, to the decadent and copious seafood dishes. The 80’s was a traumatic time for Chile; however, the community has blossomed through their hardships and has developed into one the most prosperous nations in the Americas. You will be at a loss for words as you learn, grow and explore this uniquely charming Ciudad de Cerros. In the past students have worked alongside a church family aiding specifically the blind and deaf community, ministered to a local orphanage’s wonderful little tenants and make-shift soccer camps in the community.

Scotland – A crowdpleaser, this industrious citadel of knowledge and culture dates back to antiquity, but brings the modernity of the UK at every corner. In Glasgow, whether you’re a fan of Trad or Alt. Rock, this is the place to be as you’ll find live shows and events almost nightly as this is the second largest city in the UK and carries with it a lot of hype. Students studying at the University of Glasgow will have many opportunities to study exactly what they need to study as their course selection is immense. Veritas students will also have the opportunity of diving straight into a local community of believers and ministries as the Mission Mentor is the current On-site director!

If the cityscape is not your scene, then do not fret: Just a short drive from Glasgow lies the lush and fruitful rolling hills of Stirling. Visually dominated by the looming Stirling Castle this medieval town will have you in a constant state of awe as each morning begins with the dreary fog covered farmlands. With a qualifying amount of course availability, this is another excellent site to study as students get to attend the world renowned University of Stirling.  

Prague, Czech Republic – The largest city in Czech Republic, this city is also revered as a living museum and possesses architectural preservation like no other place in the world. There are so many reasons (including how affordably accessible it is to other European countries) to at least visit this place, why not let this be your home for at least a semester? Students can try their hand at an approachable Slavic language (Czech), study ancient to modern history at Charles University or build up their resume in the many business courses taught at the University of Economics! Whether you’re a history buff, architect geek or eclectic music hound, there’s a piece of Prague waiting for you.

Seoul, South Korea – With a history dating back over 2,000 years, this once well isolated nation is looking to the future as evidenced in Seoul’s excitingly fiery Gangnam district. As the capital and largest city in South Korea, there is more than enough excitement for the beginning traveler or the well-versed explorer to stay entertained and mesmerized. Seoul is also one of the QS Best Student Cities 2016 – a ranking of the world’s leading urban destinations for international students. Students who arrive here will hit the ground running at one of the Sky universities (the Korean “Ivy League”), Korea University, which boasts many courses for students of most degrees (great for STEM degrees). As one of the largest missionary sending countries in the world students will get a different perspective on their global call to the nations.

Want to find out more? Visit the Veritas Christian Study Abroad site.

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