My Life in Chile – Part 2

By Maddie Hume, ISA Chile Program Manager

Continued from My Life in Chile – Part 1

After traipsing through the mountains and the desert, I would always end up needing a solid meal. My favorite way to find a bite was to go to the local ferias, or markets, and pick up some fresh ceviche, if I were close to the coast, or some Chilean sausage to make choripan.

Feria central, Chillán – Región Bío Bío

Choripan, an asado staple, is essentially a grilled sausage in French bread with ketchup, mayo, and/or a mix of tomatoes, onions, lemon, and cilantro, known as pebre. Sounds pretty basic, but it tastes like the best thing you’ve ever eaten after a long day in the sun or alongside a chela shared with friends.

Although I loved every minute of my travels through more distant regions of Chile, I always felt most at home near the Pacific. While living in this slender country I was fortunate enough to befriend a few locals that showed me the most captivating and special places. For example, the secret beach with the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen is only a short drive from Valpo.

We sat for long summer days sharing commonalities and points of diversion between our cultures while drinking mate on the sand. During my time in Chile I was always surrounded by enchanting vistas, but what remains most vivid in my memory are the people I shared those places with. Had I not studied in Chile, I would not be fluent in a second language, I would not have seen the diversity of nature that can exist in such close proximity, and I would not have made some of my most cherished friends.

At this point, had I not studied in Chile, I’m not sure who exactly I would be!

So, now that I have assured you that Chile is the most spectacular place, what are you waiting for? Apply now! Your Chilean adventure is just over the Horizon.

Mucha suerte,

Madeline Hume

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