Why Intern Abroad?

Ashley Lynch is a student at Chapman University and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She is currently interning abroad with ISA in New Zealand.

Risk Comes with Reward

Traveling internationally means getting out of your comfort zone, meeting new people and discovering a different way of life. On an international internship students have the opportunity to learn industry skill as well as gain a global perspective. The experience allows students to gain work experience in addition to practicing communicating in across cultural business place. The skills and techniques gained throughout the internship will be a valued addition to any resume as well as lead to future opportunities. The experience abroad is a time to learn but also a time to create great memories that you will share long after the journey abroad is over.

Valuable Connections

Along with the group of students with ISA that travel to the abroad country together there are many other chances to meet people. At the internship there is time to make professional relationships with managers, staff members, and clients. Also while abroad there are plenty of chances to travel with friends, co-workers, and homestay families and take advantage of the time off of the internship by exploring the country and culture.

Gain New Experiences

I never thought that I would jump out of a plane, swim with sharks, or survive rafting through river rapids, but I did during my internship in New Zealand. In a new atmosphere I was able to embrace new opportunities, their which I am so glad I did. I will never forget my time abroad as I grew professionally and personally. Trying new adrenaline activities, and traditional foods. In my time I grew as an individual, gained professional skills and will always cherish the memories I made and people I met in New Zealand!

The world awaits…discover it.

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