10 Things That Will Happen When You Study Abroad In Galway

Kate Suelter is a student at the University of Nebraska, and an ISA Featured Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in Galway, Ireland.

1. You will come to appreciate a good “cuppa” tea and a biscuit.

If there’s one thing Galway has a lot of, it’s cafe’s. Each one is so different from the next in both food and decor, so you never get tired of trying new places. Also, it’s the perfect spot to relax and watch people walk up and down Shop Street in the City Centre.

2. You will crave Supermac’s late at night.

It’s like moths drawn towards a porch light on a late summer night. Once midnight hits, suddenly everyone flocks to Supermac’s for a late night snack.

3. You will come to appreciate the simple beauty of green grass, rolling hills, and a blue sky.

The intensity of the colors here are amazing. Because of all the rainfall, the rolling green hills are a beauty in and of itself.

4. You will say thanks a million instead of just thanks a lot.

Everyone in Galway says “thanks a million” but most of the time it sounds like “thanks a mill”. Once you hear it often enough, you’ll start saying it too. It doesn’t matter if it’s a complete stranger or a close family member. The popular way to thank people is by saying “thanks a million”.

5. You will be comfortable striking up a conversation with a random stranger on the street.

People in Galway are so friendly and comfortable around each other. It’s not uncommon to have a 5 minute conversation with a bus driver on your way to work. People are always outdoors rain or shine and it creates a laid-back, comforting atmosphere.

6. You will appreciate the nights when you simply sit at a pub and listen to a few people play traditional music.

Instead of the crazy night clubs, Galway has a lot of pubs that offer live music played every evening. The musicians are extremely talented and this is a relaxing and entertaining way to spend your night.

7. You will discover that black pudding doesn’t taste as gross as it sounds.

Yeah I know…pig blood plus some other ingredients mixed together, then boiled, fried or grilled and cut into rounds so it looks like a black patty sounds pretty gross right? Wrong. It tastes like a saltier, crunchier version of a sausage patty. This is a staple part of the traditional Irish breakfast, and you can’t be in Galway and not try a traditional breakfast.

8. You will realize how intense Gaelic football is.

I’ve watched lacrosse, hockey, soccer, and rugby. Gaelic football is basically a combination of those 4 sports, and more difficult. This game is so fast-paced and you’ll be impressed at the athleticism required.

9. You will want to pack up the entire store of Penney’s in your suitcase and take it home with you.

Penney’s is the number one place to buy clothes in Galway. It’s every local girl’s go-to. The clothes are stylish, cheap, and you can find everything from clothes, to shoes, to make-up, and everything in between.

10. You will want to go swimming when it’s 65 degrees outside.

The moment the sun comes out and it’s over 65 degrees, it’s time to head to the beach. You’ll think it’s crazy, but in Galway that’s the equivalent to 90 degrees and sunny. Because of this, you also save a lot of money on sunscreen.

The world awaits…discover it.

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