Top 5 Green Spaces to Explore in Costa Rica

Lindsey Williams is a student at the University of Richmond and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is studying abroad with ISA in Heredia, Costa Rica.

When studying abroad, exploring and discovering have to be at the top of your list, especially when it comes to the beautiful country of Costa Rica! You might find yourself living in the compact cities of San José or Heredia, but when you venture outside of the noise and multitude of people, you can come across some very amazing and breathtaking places. Though my time here isn’t complete and I have plenty more to explore, here are a few of my favorite “green spaces” of Costa Rica:

La Catarata Río Fortuna

Definitely a MUST SEE if you come to visit Costa Rica! Although the walk down to the waterfall was brutal, it was 100% worth the time and effort. Usually people are able to swim in the pools beneath the waterfall, however, our arrival was preceded by a giant downpour of rain making it a little dangerous to swim. Next time, though!

Arenal Volcano

Breathtaking is the only word I can use to describe this experience. After making an attempt to run up a hill close to the volcano, we had to stop to snap a quick pic. We literally had to walk instead of run because it was so steep! The freshness and stillness of the air surrounding us was a great escape from the chaos of the city. My number one suggestion when visiting this place is to go canyoning! I’m a tad afraid of heights, but you get completely past that when you have the opportunity to repel down a waterfall!

La Playa de Jaco

A beach with black and gray sand… who wouldn’t want to visit it? Even though the day at the beach started out slightly bleak with zero sunshine, many clouds and a misty rain, we were kindly greeted by the sun for the last four hours of the trip–along with a horrendous sunburn. Lesson learned, Mother Nature!

Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica

I know it might not be the “typical green space” that people imagine, but I think that the soccer field in the stadium should suffice! It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had. Being able to see the fans and the atmosphere when the Costa Rica National Men’s Soccer team played Trinidad & Tobago was electric! 

Rio Pacuare

I think this experience was one of the most fun things I have ever done in my life, no exaggeration! Being able to go white water rafting on one of the best rafting rivers in the world was amazing. The workers there were some of the most fun people I have ever met; beyond jealous of them because they get to work with their best friends every day in a place as beautiful as the Rio Pacure. The picture does not do it justice, so go visit!


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