Money Talks: What My ISA Scholarship Allowed Me to Experience Abroad

Brooke Hasl is a student at the University of Kentucky and was an ISA Featured Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA’s Veritas program in Sevilla, Spain.

Winning the Castañeda Scholarship allowed me to take full advantage of my time abroad. It gave me the financial support to make my experience truly incredible. The award opened a word of possibilities for me and I am beyond grateful to have been selected. Here are just a few of the invaluable things being a Castañeda Correspondent allowed me to experience:

Language Immersion: Without this scholarship, I never would  have been able to spend a semester in Sevilla, Spain, taking Spanish classes at a local university and living with a host family. The experience significantly improved my comfort and ability with the language and I am excited to utilize my newly-acquired skills in my future career field.



Cultural Exposure: During my semester in Spain, I was exposed to many aspects of the Spanish culture. From sharing tapas with local friends to attending Feria, a week-long celebration every spring with people dressed in traditional attire, I learned about the beauty, tradition, and history behind many parts of Spanish culture.



Traveling around Europe and Beyond: Thanks to the scholarship, I was able to embark on several adventures throughout Europe and beyond.  In one semester, I visited two continents (Europe and Africa), 9 countries, and 23 cities! Travel of this extent would not have been possible without the award.  Every experience gave me the opportunity to learn about many different cultures.



Giving Back to the Community: ISA provided countless experiences for students to become more involved with the local community and serve others during my time abroad. I was fortunate to spend the semester assisting teach English at a language academy. I loved making relationships with the local students, and  that volunteering provided valuable experience in my future career path.



I am so thankful for the Castañeda Scholarship and all that it allowed me to experience. I look forward to perpetuating the legacy of the award by utilizing the lessons learned and experiences gained abroad to serve others.



The world awaits…discover it.

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