Having a Sweet Tooth in London

Tricia Ownby is a student at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa and a current ISA Featured Blogger.  She is currently studying abroad with ISA in London, England. 

Sweets are known for being delicious all over Europe, but London has the most creative and interesting sweets that I have ever seen and tasted. Being a girl with a heaving appetite, sweets are not something that I had a problem finding.  There are a couple of spots I found that I’ve continued to go back to because the sweets are out of this world.  So, based off thorough taste testing, here is my guide to finding the best sweets in London.

Shoreditch has definitely won the award for the most creative sweets that were ever invented.  One day on our search for ice cream, we stumbled upon this place that serves the most extravagant shakes I’ve ever seen. They’re called Freak Shakes. These milkshakes, aren’t just a shakes. They have a special treat on top!  These top treats include anything from cookies, wafers, whip cream, a waffle cone, cotton candy, doughnuts and much more. They also have amazing lighter treats that are delicious as well. After contemplating all the choices, we ended up getting the vanilla ice cream soaked in expresso.  Freak Shakes were easily the best thing invented.

Freak Shakes from Soft Serve in Shoreditch


Another favorite I found in Shoreditch was a Nosteagia bubble wrap. These things are heaven in a wrapper. They are a bubble waffle filled with whatever you choose to put in. The cookie monster is lined with Nutella filled with cream, broken cookie and you can even add a little ice cream on top if you’re feeling risky!


Bubble Wraps from Nosteagia in Shoreditch


Bubble Wraps from Nosteagia in Shoreditch

My second recommendation would be to go to Camden. They have a hot chocolate place that is famous for their rich, marshmallow hot chocolate; personally, I liked the ice cream sandwich. These hot chocolates are thick, with a melted marshmallow on top that just makes a creamy and a very memorable experience. The ice cream sandwiches were to die for simply because they were made with actual cookies and fresh ice cream. Or you could skip out on two cookies, and just get ice cream on top of a brownie. Whatever sweets make you happy, Camden has them.

Hot Chocolate with marshmallow and the Warmie from Chin Chin in Camden


The delicious ice cream sandwich from Chin Chin.

The last thing that I’ve learned to love since I’ve been here are milkshakes! I have encountered so many different types of milkshakes.  Some are thick, some are home-made, it really makes a different in the shakes. If I’m going somewhere and they serve milkshakes I’m most likely going to get one because they are way more different than you would ever expect.


Milk Shakes from Borough Market

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, these things are definitely on the must try list. So if you’re like me and have the the desire for sugar, make sure to get a little extra ice cream on your sweets, because everything is always better in London.


The world awaits…discover it.

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