Getting Lost in Sevilla (On Purpose)

Abby Swinney is a student at the University of Central Missouri and a current ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Sevilla, Spain. 

Even though my daily walk to school features peaceful plazas, stunning architecture, and the magnificent Catedral de Sevilla, I make it a point to take a different route on the way back and get lost in the narrow streets of Sevilla. While getting lost usually holds a negative connotation, in Sevilla, it can be one of the best decisions you make. You never know what hidden gem you might discover. The following is a list of what you are bound to stumble upon when you choose to get lost in Sevilla.

  1. Fantastic Local Restaurants and Cafés

The abundance of restaurants and cafés in Sevilla are noticeable on every corner, but in order to experience authentic Andalusian cuisine, you might have to wander a bit. Some of the best food I have tried have been from places off the beaten path. Food has always been a big motivation for me, so you can bet that I will walk a little way to find a quality meal!

I stumbled upon this café one day when exploring the area near my house. It is a cozy establishment with a variety of drinks and books at your disposal to read.
  1. Breathtaking Architecture

Sevilla is home to a diverse array of architecture styles, and it’s an adventure around every corner when you turn to discover a magnificent work of art before your eyes. Whether you walk around the old Jewish quarters of Barrio Santa Cruz or wander across the river to the colorful neighborhood of Triana, you are sure to witness the grandeur of Sevilla’s architecture.

This is the typical architecture style of the old Jewish quarters in Barrio Santa Cruz.
  1. Stunning Street Art

It wasn’t until I started to explore the neighborhoods of Sevilla and began to pay close attention to the details of the buildings that I discovered the immense, stunning street art. Often painted on the metal doors of local establishments or on concrete foundations of the buildings, Sevilla has some magnificent street art that will make you feel like you are walking through one big museum.

The first several times I walked past this I didn’t notice it. However, eventually it caught my eye!
  1. …and so much more!

In time, I’m positive there are a ton of other things that I can add to this list. There are, however, numerous areas of the city that I have yet to explore and gems still undiscovered. I have found that getting lost and exploring your host city is the only way that you’ll truly come to know it. After all, you can stare at a map and study it all you want, but until you are out and about exploring, you will never truly see the beauty before you.


The world awaits…discover it.

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