Get Outside: Top 5 Places to Study in Málaga, Spain

A typical dilemma for ISA Málaga, Spain students: You need to finish your homework, but you want to go out and explore the city. Why not do both? While the University of Málaga’s library offers a quiet and relaxed place to study, there are plenty of other locations around the city of Málaga that allow students to catch some rays while also catching up on some reading.

Below is a list of the top 5 places to study (excluding the library) in Málaga!

1. Café Con Libros

With a modern style and cozy feel, Café Con Libros is centrally located in the popular Plaza Merced and is always full of international students and expats looking for a more chic alternative to traditional coffee shops. If you’re looking for a break from the tortilla española and jamón serrano, try some of Café Con Libros’ healthier food options as well as their great café con soy milk!

2. Outside of la Plaza de Toros

The tradition of bull fighting is very apparent. however, you don’t have to attend a bull fight to appreciate the beauty of the arena. Students can enjoy this historic and vibrant monument from outside the ring by studying on the benches of its adjacent plaza.

3. The beach in El Palo

If you’re taking courses with international students, your courses will be conveniently located right next to the beach. There may be no better break between classes than getting caught up on some reading while enjoying some sand, sun, and the sounds of the Mediterranean waves.

4. El Castillo de Gibralfaro

Take a quick hike up to the top of this 10th century castle for a prime place to study. Grab a seat at the top and take in the gorgeous panoramic view of the city and the sea before hitting the books.

5. La Plaza de la Catedral

This small and quaint plaza sits directly in front of Málaga’s historic cathedral. Grab a café con leche at one of the several cafeterías and enjoy the beautiful cathedral facade while working on your school work.

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