3 Amazing Views of Barcelona


Dawson Hoppes is a student at Biola University the and a current ISA Photo Blogger. He is currently studying abroad with ISA in Barcelona, Spain. 

I have been living in Barcelona for over a month now, and this city is unbelievable. The people, culture and atmosphere is unlike anything I have ever experienced. One of my favorite things I have done so far is seeking out the best views of the city. Barcelona is located in-between the Mediterranean Sea and a huge mountain range which has kept the city very compact and easy to see. Here are three of my favorite places to view the city so far!

1. Mont Jüic

Mont Jüic is one of the most famous mountains in Barcelona. On this mountain there is a castle, the Olympic stadiums from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, and the MNAC museum just to name a few. Mont Jüic is the easiest mountain to ascend because it is located on the coast of the city and next to Place España. It is truly a gorgeous view of the city.

This the is car we got to ride on our way to the castle.



Castle bunkers with brick walls and grass.



On top of the castle!


Standing in front of the MNAC museum is also a great view! The mountain in the background is Mount Tibadabo.


2. Park Güell

Most people know about the famous park made by Gaudi in the Gracia neighborhood, but what isn’t usually advertised is the mountain right about the park. My friends and I went up this mountain one morning to watch the sunrise and it was incredible + it was only 5 mins walking from my apartment and free!



Sunrise pic of ocean and skyline.


There was a few local people on top of this hill running and walking their dogs.


In this picture you can see the construction on Sagrada Familia.


Group Pic!


3. Tibidabo

Lastly, there is Tibadabo which is an absolute must see if you are visiting the city. This is by far the largest mountain in the area, and one of the most rewarding. At the top there is a really big church building that is completely lit up at night (you can see it from just about anywhere in the city!) They also made an amusement park next to the church that has stunning views of the city.


Climbing up to the top of the church building is so worth it. It only costs 3.50!


This is what the back of the mountain looks like.




Close up view of the Ferris Wheel.

Take your time in this city. Along with its gorgeous views, this city has many unique places, buildings, views and people. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I can’t wait to see what is next!


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