Muggle Madness: Harry Potter and other Popular British Icons

By Tayler Gill, ISA Senior Site Specialist – England

Sounds like a class you would want to take right?

Well, it’s just one of the many fun and interesting classes offered by Kingston University during the summer.

The class, Muggle Madness: Harry Potter and other Popular British Icons, takes you through stories of multiple British fictional icons of film, TV, and literature. In addition to Harry Potter, you will also study and analyze popular icons such as James Bond, Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes. You will study key cultural and historical sites in London in relation to these texts and evaluate their significance and influence within the natural culture.

Like all Kingston summer classes, there is a large emphasis on time spent outside of the classroom to “maximize the amount of experiential learning in and around the London area.” For Muggle Madness, past field trips have included:
Bond in Motion Exhibit – this field trip takes you to the London Film Museum in Covent Garden to see the largest official collection of original James Bond vehicles on display.

Doctor Who Experience – This one day trip to Cardiff, Wales takes visitors behind the scenes into the largest collection of Doctor Who props, sets and costumes and lets them participate in an interactive adventure.


Muggle Tours – This Harry Potter walking tour takes visitors on the official Harry Potter Studio Tour where you’ll see the Warner Bros studio tour filled with the props, costumes and sets that were used during the making of the Harry Potter movie series

The Kingston University summer program is a great opportunity to explore the city of London and be immersed in British culture. The program is four weeks long and participants take two alternating classes during that time. Each class is set up to minimize time in the classroom and maximize time exploring London!


Additional summer class options include:

· British Art & Architecture
· British Culture & Society
· Creative Writing in London
· Exploring Cultural London
· Live Theatre
· London Global City of Enterprise
· London and it’s Literature
· Museums and Galleries
· Shakespeare: Reading and Performance

Learn more about the Kingston Summer program.

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