Photographic Journey Through Kanchanaburi


Amanda Hall is a student at North Carolina State and an ISA Photo Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in Bangkok, Thailand.

As part of their Bridging Cultures Program, ISA Bangkok students visit the town of Kanchanaburi, to learn about the history and environment of Thailand.


The delicious food from the floating market! There is a plethora of various foods available, especially seafood. Most food is prepared with Thai chiles which give it that incredible spice.


The view of the floating market at night from a boat. We took a boat tour around the floating market through the canals. After that tour we went out onto the river to see the lightening bugs light up the trees along the river. One of the many gorgeous sights in Kanchanaburi!


Breathtaking view from the War Museum. This peace vessel is to serve as a memorial for those who suffered during WWII, especially those who were forced to work on the death rail. The most labor-intensive part of the rail was the Hell Fire pass located in Kanchanaburi.


Many of those who were forced to work on the creation of this death rail were POWs from countries such as Australia. There are many areas dedicated to those who lost their lives working on the Hell Fire pass in Kanchanaburi.


An uncompleted section of where the rail was supposed to pass through.  Ironically, those who were forced to work on the creation of this railway actually would sabotage the process of the rail way by using termite infested wood. Ultimately the sabotage worked as the railway is no longer fully in use.


The breathtaking views of Kanchanaburi were what many of the POWs took comfort and refuge in. Thailand is known for its spectacular views. Likewise, Kanchanaburi is a popular backpacking town known for its stunning landscape.


This Hell Fire pass was carved out of a mountain using only a pick axe. This back-breaking work was completed by the POW in WWII. The railway was constructed by Japanese Engineers at the time.


(Taylor Zant) exploring and enjoying the many wonderful views in the jungles of Kanchanaburi. Mosquito repellent is a must!


A local artist of Kanchanburi eating mangosteen and singing Tom Petty. Behind him is a display of his sticker collection, which are not for sale. This man is an accurate depiction of Kanchanaburi – one of a kind.

The world awaits…discover it.


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