The Four Must Eats in Meknes, Morocco


Lindsay Smetanka is a student at Seton Hall University and an ISA Featured Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA Service Learning in Meknes, Morocco.


It’s no secret that Meknes, Morocco, is not the culinary capital of the world, but this ISA destination does have a few eats that will be sure to satisfy your sweet and savory cravings. If you decide to study abroad in this city, the best meals you will eat will be cooked from your homestays or apartments, but as far as snacks and treats are concerned, here are the four must eats in Meknes:

  1. Chocolate Covered Croissant



This delightful pick me up is the perfect treat for after or in between classes. Stuffed with a decadent, creamy chocolate pudding and covered in melted chocolate, this flaky pastry is a scrumptious treat. It is super convenient because this croissant is available at Café Dimachk on the corner of Avenue Idriss II and Rue Paris, near the ISA Study Center and Azhar apartment building.




  1. Mo’s Sandwich (Omlette Maakouda Fromage)


Located behind the ISA office building, on Rue Kenitra, M3i9dat Ba Mbark is serving up made to order maakouda sandwiches. Maakouda is a Moroccan potato patty. The Omlette Maakouda Fromage sandwich is made up of three maakoudas soaked in hot sauce, two fried eggs, three pieces of cheese, tomato sauce, more hot sauce and green olives. The best part about Mo’s sandwich? It’s 10 dirham (about 1 dollar U.S.)!



  1. Almond Milk


Juice is everywhere in Morocco (jus d’orange, panache, jus d’avocat, etc.) and they are all delicious, but one of the staple drinks in Meknes is the almond milk at Frangi Ban (فرنجي بان) on Rue de Hassan the Second. Do not try to find this bakery by a sign, because it does not have one. My best suggestion is to ask Moroccan friends or the ISA directors for the exact location. The bakery is standing room only, but you can get your fruity juices and almond milks to go. However, in my opinion, the almond milk tastes its freshest out of the glass mug.


  1. Frangi Ban


Frangi ban is the pastry of all pastries in Meknes. You can get your frangi ban at the same bakery as the almond milk. However, these pastries go fast, so you might have to wait for a fresh tray to come out. The wait is definitely worth it, especially for a warm one. This flaky filo dough treat is layered with a sweet almond paste center that will leave your sweet tooth ultra-pleased.


The world awaits…discover it.

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