A Weekend of Site Seeing in Athens and Delphi


Jayde Hansen is a student at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Out of all of the trips I’ve taken around the world, this trip has been one of the most life changing in a unique way. To be able to experience, see, touch, and feel what I’ve only read about was amazing.

The first stop we made was to the famous Acropolis Museum in Athens where we got a guided tour. It was filled with so many ancient sculptures. I was told that many of the areas within the museum prohibited photography.

I took the time to enjoy the moments.

Next up, the Acropolis. I stand amazed at the idea that people actually lived in and around this. I was in awe at the fact that I was walking on ancient ground. The walkways were made of marble. Many of the ruins were still intact for the simple fact that the marble was strong enough to withstand earthquakes. If I was looking at the remains, I can only imagine how beautiful it was in full glory.




The Herodian Theatre

By the afternoon I took the time to enjoy the city. I did a lot of walking, site seeing, and socializing.



I’m basking in the idea that I was overlooking Athens. Pinch me, is this real?


On the third day, we made a stop in Delphi. I was so mesmerized by the surrounding mountains and lakes. It was definitely a one in a lifetime experience. Even more, Delphi has such a historic background as it pertains to Greece.


From the monuments to the sculptures, everything had a significant meaning. It signified that the people believed in something much greater than themselves, so much that the history lives on forever.





One thing is for sure, I’ll never forget the life-changing moments + the country I got to experience them in.

Jayde Ashante’

The world awaits…discover it.

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