Volunteering Abroad, How it can Help You in the Long Run


Rebecca Alfaro is a student at the University of Denver and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Sevilla, Spain.

The real joy of studying abroad in a foreign country for four months is that you get the chance to become more than just a ‘tourist’. My program in Sevilla, Spain has allowed me to immerse into the Spanish culture in ways I never thought I could. One of which has been volunteering weekly at an organization called Pulseras Rosas.


Here is the Pulseras Rosas shop in Seville, Spain

Pulseras Rosas is a Spanish non-profit organization that works to raise awareness and help fund breast cancer research. This is done primarily by selling unique and adorable pink bracelets that are made on a daily basis. These bracelets also come with a variety of charms to choose from. They even make and sell blue bracelets and bows for men!

pulserasrosas_sevilla_spain_rebeccaalfaro_photo2 Little cards are placed with the bracelets explaining how they help women with breast cancer


Here are a few of the finished bracelets and a bow that is made for men

After several weeks of volunteering for this organization I have come to realize that this opportunity has the possibility to bring me numerous professional benefits.

Learning a Second Language:

Everyone I work with at Pulseras Rosas speak very little English which pushes me to use Spanish with my bosses and the customers on a weekly basis. Knowing a second language can definitely boost your resume!

Experiencing First Hand How an Organization Runs:

Carla, the founder of Pulseras Rosas, and Estrella are the two coordinators that I volunteer for. I have gotten the chance to get to know them as people and to also understand how they work together to create such a successful organization. Every week I learn how they face new challenges and goals that they have set for their organization.

Getting to Know your Bosses on a Professional and Personal Level:

Carla and Estrella are two very kind and dedicated ladies who have shown me what it means to love what you do. They are both personally involved in the organization and the breast cancer cause that it represents. Getting to know these two exceptional women has inspired me to pursue a career that I can say I love and enjoy every day.


  Here is a look inside of the Pulseras Rosas shop

Here is the link to the Pulseras Rosas website if you are interested in learning more information. 

The world awaits…discover it.

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