My Hike Through Sierra Nevada

Ashley Glennon is a student at the University of Mississippi, and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in Granada, Spain.

Los Cahorros, Spain

Situated near Granada, there lies an unexpected surprise called the small town of Monachil. In the background of this small town full of cobblestone streets, white and orange homes, and winding streets, there are huge mountains that line the sky, called the Sierra Nevada Range. When you reach the back edge of this unique town, there is an opening where a limited amount of cars can park; this is where your journey begins.

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As you walk down the small dirt road that leads to the larger trail, you are surrounded by small homes and dozens of olive trees. It is so amazing to see such a small town filled with such beautiful sites. After about five minutes, you reach the opening of the trail. You are surrounded on all sides by tall mountains and sloping cliffs. Further into the hike, you approach a long, hanging, wooden bridge.

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While it is nerve-racking to think of crossing a bridge that is hanging 50 feet above the ground, the sights that surround you make all your fears go away. Tall, green trees surround you, and below is a small river flowing through the mountains.

Past this long bridge is a rock walkway that is right along the edge of the cliff. It is only about 2 feet wide and there is nothing to hang on to. To your left, and about 5 feet below you, is a steady stream that contains ice cold water. There are families running through the water to escape the heat of summer, while others walk along the rock path in the shade.

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Once you get past the rock walkway and the flowing stream, it opens up into a large valley where you are surrounded by mountains and trees. In the distance there is a smaller hill that I decided to climb. Little did I know, when I got to the top of the large rock sitting on the hill, I would feel like I was on top of the world. While sitting on this rock, all of my worries seemed to go away and I realized how beautiful the world is, and how small I am compared to my surroundings.

The world awaits…discover it.


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