24 Hours In Captivating Capri

Bari Pearlman is a student at the University of Nebraska and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Rome, Italy.

Magical. Dreamlike. Unbelievable. Surreal.

With my arm hanging over the edge of the boat, those are the only thoughts that went through my head. Looking around the crystal blue water, it was hard to take everything in. Being on the island of Capri is like nothing you could ever imagine. No amount of Google searching could have prepared me for the time that I had while on the island.


We only had one day in Capri, but if done right, that’s all you need. We stayed in Sorrento and woke up bright and early to take a ferry to Capri. The moment our feet touched the island we took off sprinting. We wanted to get on a boat ASAP. That’s the best way to really see the island. Boat rentals are easy and you can either rent one with a tour guide to take you around to see all the grottos, or rent one that you can personally drive. We decided to rent one with a guide to be stress free.

Our guide took us all around the island, pointing out the different grottos, showing us the different mountain ranges, and pointing out the light houses. The views were breathtaking. You’re even able to escape the heat by jumping into the sea for a quick refreshing swim. The water is the definition of crystal clear. Make sure to take time to see the different grottos around the island: the blue grotto, the green grotto, and the orange grotto. The colors of the corals and the walls are enough to take anyone’s breath away.

After the surreal boat ride, grab a nice bite to eat for lunch. I would recommend picking one with a nice view, but let’s be honest, there is no bad view in Capri. The seafood is of course amazing and fresh, but no worries, the restaurants also offer a variety of pasta and pizza.


After lunch, the choice of what to do is up to you! You can either take a chair lift up to the top and enjoy the view of the whole island (which also includes fun shopping), or you can take a nice relaxing break on the beach. Disclaimer: there won’t be any sand, as all of the beaches of Capri are stone! Just bring a towel and use a nice backpack for a pillow and you’ll fall asleep easily. Get hot while laying out and soaking up the Capri sun? Then take a quick dip in the ocean!

While laying out on the beach and soaking up the sun it’s easy to forget about time, but that’s just the magic of Capri. You feel like you’re in your own little world, and in what seems like all too soon, it’s time to hop back on the ferry and head back to the mainland.

Capri. The perfect way to spend 24 magical hours.



The world awaits…discover it.

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