Dunedin for the Art Enthusiast

Tia Grant is a student at the University of Tampa and an ISA Photo Blogger. She interned abroad with ISA Internships in Dunedin, New Zealand.interculturalOn arriving in Dunedin, the landlord of my flat showed me a booklet that has tours and places to see in the city. As he was flipping through the pages, one specific page caught my eye: the Dunedin Street Art Trail. When I was younger I wanted to be an artist, and although my goals have changed, my love for art has not and this trail was definitely something that I put on my list of things to do and see.

Street Art, Dunedin NZ- Grant-1
Street art.


Street Art, Dunedin NZ- Grant-2
Street art.


I looked more into what the trail was all about, as I had seen a couple pieces on my way to my internship and walking around the city. The Dunedin Street Art Trail was started by a group of volunteers for the purpose of bringing art and restoring to some of the industrialized and commercialized areas of town. The artists of some of the pieces are from all over the world, and there is around 25 pieces (obviously, they are not all shown here).


Street Art, Dunedin NZ- Grant-3
Street art.


Street Art, Dunedin NZ- Grant-4
Street art.

Now, the street art isn’t the only artwork to be seen in Dunedin. Art can be seen in the architecture of the buildings…

First Church of Otago, Dunedin NZ- Grant-5
First Church of Otago.


The Octagon, Dunedin NZ- Grant-6
The Octagon.

…to the Public Art Gallery, which is free! I was only able to take pictures of one exhibit due to no pictures allowed in other exhibits, so you’ll just have to go check out the rest for yourself. The exhibit here is “The Obliteration Room” by Yayoi Kusama. The cool thing about this exhibit is that as you walk in, each person is handed a sheet of stickers and you can put the stickers wherever you choose. The exhibit was like a little house, from the living room to an office area, to the kitchen and dining room areas as well, and everything was covered in stickers!

Public Art Gallery, Dunedin NZ- Grant-7
Public art gallery.


Public art gallery.

Dunedin is way more artsy than I had imagined, and the places that I mentioned are just the free places within walking distance of each other.

Throughout Dunedin you can also find little art shops where you can purchase pieces of artwork made by local Dunedin, or New Zealand artists. From the Street Art Trail to the Art Gallery and architecture to the art shops, Dunedin has so many places for the art enthusiasts to visit!

The world awaits…discover it.



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