The Ultimate Guide to Brunch in Wellington, New Zealand

Courtney Moscardi is a student at Boston University and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Wellington, New Zealand.

It’s an experience, a way of life, a critical part of any week; it’s brunch. Brunch is the perfect combination of the most important meal of the day served at the most enjoyable time of day.

Going to college in Boston has provided me with endless opportunities to enjoy a plethora of different brunch options. So, when studying abroad, I was excited to explore brunch culture in another city. All I can say is Wellington has not disappointed. So, lets get down to specifics. My top five favorite Wellington brunches, thus far (in no particular order):

Plum Café, 103 Cuba Street

Plum Cafe, Wellington, New Zealand, Moscardi - Photo 1

An open-air café on the ever-popular Cuba Street, Plum has the aesthetic for a perfect Wellington Sunday brunch. With an Eggs Benedict to die for, Plum is the perfect place for a classic brunch.


Sweet Mother’s Kitchen, 5 Courtenay Place

Sweet Mother's Kitchen, Wellington, New Zealand, Moscardi Photo 2

Sweet Mother’s Kitchen is decorated with vintage decorations and has a 50’s diner style to it that provides a laid back feel. With a southern, Louisiana style menu, the chicken and waffles were the obvious choice.


Olive Café, 170 Cuba Street

Olive Cafe, Wellington, New Zealand, Moscardi -Photo 3

Olive’s aesthetic is minimalist in every way except their menu. With a classic brunch menu with a few twists, Olive did not disappoint. Honestly, anything that involves prosciutto is a winner to me.


Fidel’s Café, 234 Cuba Street

Fidel's Cafe, Wellington, New Zealand, Moscardi- Photo 4

Fidel’s is a Wellington staple, as it is one of Wellington’s most famous restaurants. Brunch was a bustling, fun experience with a huge menu to choose from.


La Cloche, 134 Hutt Rd

La Cloche

Slightly outside of Wellington central, La Cloche was worth the distance. It is a classic French restaurant with great coffee, croissants, baguettes and an amazing croque monsieur. Plus the industrial atmosphere creates a relaxing environment.

What has my research shown me thus far? The brunch culture in Wellington is alive and well. With so many options to choose from, you cannot go wrong. There is something for even the pickiest bruncher.

The world awaits…discover it.

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