The Effect of Color on Chilean Life

JohnPatrick Summers is a student at the University of Colorado – Boulder and an ISA Photo Blogger. He is currently studying abroad with ISA in Valparaiso, Chile.

Ren-ª+óaca, Ren-ª+óaca, Chile - Summers - Photo 16
A group of entertainers in Reñaca.

One thing that is never taken for granted by anyone that has the pleasure of visiting Chile, is the extreme variety in landscapes, subcultures and people. However a major part of the intrinsic beauty that comes with all of that said, is the sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant, amount of color that exists everywhere throughout this country. Whether it be in the architecture or in the way the culture establishes itself, in an accidental manner or not, the amount of color here is unmistakable. This is reflected in the people that occupy this country as well as in the way that tourists and travelers alike receive it upon first impression.

Life moves a little slower here in Chile, or at least that was the common consensus between every international student I have met in the past few weeks. However while it may take a week or two of adapting and getting used to, I don’t think people see this as an inconvenience. Everything is full of life in a way that makes sitting down and doing nothing but absorbing the environment (whatever and wherever that may be) a stress-free and calming activity. Even the more populated and busy areas of Chile that seem to move quicker than on the coast or in the country have a calming clockwork to them that makes mindlessly wandering around as relaxing as walking through your local park.

The people here are happy, and these pictures are a resemblance of some of the aspects of living here that contribute to that factor of life.

Valparaiso, Valparaiso, Chile - Summers - Photo 1
A street in the Valparaiso hills.


Puco-ª++n, Puco-ª++n, Chile - Summers - Photo 3
Two stranded boats beached in Pucón.


Villarrica, Puco-ª++n, Chile - Summers - Photo 20
The view from hiking Villarrica in Pucón.


Honcon, Honcon, Chile - Summers - Photo 5
Beached boats on a beach in Honcon.


Villarrica, Puco-ª++n, Chile - Summers - Photo 9
The top of a ski lift on Villarrica in Pucón.



Valparaiso, Valparaiso, Chile - Summers - Photo 12
A stray dog resting in Honcon.


Valparaiso, Valparaiso, Chile - Summers - Photo 14
A marine aboard the Esmeralda in Valparaiso.


Santiago, Santiago, Chile - Summers - Photo 7
A home that sits above the tree line in Santiago.


Villarrica, Puco-ª++n, Chile - Summers - Photo 18
A few of my friends while summiting Villarica in Pucón.

The world awaits…discover it.


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