Taking Morocco Back to America

Khadijah Dixon is a student at Albright College and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Meknes, Morocco.

Sahara,Merzouga (Meknes, Morocco) Dixon Photo 1
Sahara, Merzouga, Meknes, Morocco.

Being in Morocco has truly taught me new things that I could add into my daily life. In America we are often times told that we have to be quick, ready to go, on our feet and ready for the next move. In Morocco, not everything is as fast paced as it is in America. Some people here do at times move quickly, but others take their time and enjoy the moment as it is. In America, many people would rub off the idea of taking things slowly and believe that the people who take things one moment at a time are not doing much in life. I believe that when you take one moment at a time, that helps you to be grateful for the little things that many people take for granted. I can honestly say that when I return to the U.S that the “American” ways that I lost will benefit me in the long run, and will help to be less stressed. Here are 7 American habits I lost in Morocco.

Riad In Merzouga, Meknes, Morocco, Dixon, Photo 4
Riad In Merzouga, Meknes, Morocco.

1.       Not taking a break – many times in America I have a habit of not taking some time for myself. While in Morocco I learned that taking time for yourself is essential to being happy and relaxed.

2.       Always looking serious – this is a habit that I have had for years in America. Since being here I know that it’s ok to not think about your next move. When you let those thoughts go your face becomes calmer.

3.       Not taking weekend adventures – Even if me and my friends were only going to the next city over for a day or taking awesome weekend excursions, being away for a period of time helps to relieve any stress from the week.

Train to Fes, Meknes, Morocco, Dixon Photo 2
Train to Fes, Meknes, Morocco.

4.       Feeling Stressed all the time – this was a hard one for me because I always felt the need to be doing something. Realizing that it will eventually get done if I take my time is reassuring.

5.       Worrying about the small things – In America we are always taught to pay attention to the fine details which, depending on the circumstances (loans, contracts etc.) are very important, but when its things that won’t matter in a few years, its best to just let it go.

6.       Feeling the need to be the best – “Be number one,” is something I have heard many times in my life. Being in Morocco I’ve learned  that being number one does not make you any better than anyone else, so to stress about it would be pointless.

7.       Not having reading time – during the semester in America, I decided to stop leisurely reading in order to focus on my studies. After being here, I learned that was not a smart decision. Taking an hour to read as a way to escape helps me to feel better, especially when I was stressing.

Sunset Sahara, Meknes, Morocco, Dixon Photo 3
Sunset Sahara, Meknes, Morocco.

So here are seven things I took out of my luggage and I am happier that I did.

The world awaits…discover it.

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