10 Things To Do in Thessaloniki, Greece for UNDER 10 EUROS

By Alexandra Hamilton, ISA Greece Site Specialist

Thessaloniki, Greece is one of Europe’s premier budget destinations. With over 25% of the city’s population being college age, Thessaloniki has many fun and affordable activities to offer.   In fact, you can spend an entire day out and about for less than 10 Euros!

Here are the top 10 things to do in Thessaloniki for under 10 Euros:

  1. Grab a cappuccino and traditional pastry at one of Thessaloniki’s numerous beachfront cafes for less than .45 Euros (50 cents). Greek coffee, much like Greek cuisine, is meant to be savored, so take time to enjoy your breakfast and enjoy the breathtakingly blue waters of the Aegean Sea.
  1. Attend a concert or play at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall for 5 Euros with your American College of Thessaloniki student discount.
  1. Relax with a 10 Euro massage after a long week of studying.thessaloniki-3
  1. Take a bus or boat to a nearby beach (Halkidiki or Perea) for 6 to 10 Euros and spend the day soaking up the sunshine and enjoying local treats from beachside tavernas.
  1. Thessaloniki is world-renowned for its fantastic festivals! If you’re into film, you can catch a screening of an indie film at the Thessaloniki Film Festival. If you enjoy live music and sick beats, Thessaloniki plays host to an international hip hop festival in December! There are also many traditional Greek festivals that celebrate Greek culture and religious holidays.  Many of these festivals host free events– perfect for a college student’s budget!
  1. Take a stroll along the city’s waterfront promenade and pay tribute to Thessaloniki’s rich history by visiting the White Tower and the monument devoted to Alexander the Great. These historical markers offer free admission and act as testaments to the city’s resilience and strength.
  1. Thessaloniki boasts 21 fabulous museums that  cover a wide variety  of topics ranging from ancient Greek history to contemporary art.   Student admission fees to the museums can be as low as 3 Euros!Rotonda_Church
  1. Spend the day visiting Thessaloniki’s bustling and vibrant open-air markets. The open-air markets are the perfect place to buy essentials for your daily life in Greece and souvenirs for loved ones back home. Since you’ll be shopping locally, you’ll likely save some Euros and you’ll be contributing to the Greek economy.
  1. Thessaloniki is often described as a haven for young artists. All throughout the city you can find beautiful and inspired examples of street art, underground painting exhibits and edgy photo galleries. These galleries and exhibits are typically free, and they will expose you to a different side of Thessaloniki that tourists do not see. If you are interested in making your own art while in Thessaloniki, you can sign up for a photography course at the American College of Thessaloniki.
  1. Visit the oldest monument in Thessaloniki, the Rotunda of Galerius. The Rotunda was first used as mausoleum and was later converted into a church and then a mosque. Entrance into the rotunda is free,  and as an added bonus, the Rotunda is free of scaffolding for the first time in 40 years!


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