Interning Off the Beaten Path: Shanghai

by Katie Goldberg, ISA Outreach Manager, Internships and Service-Learning

Take a moment to picture yourself working in Shanghai, China. I would bet you a pretty penny that your mind took you to a sleek, slate-colored, industrial office building. A flurry of black suits rush past you, off to the next business meeting. There’s no denying that Shanghai is an international business powerhouse, but there is so much more that this massive city has to offer.

Shanghai has a flourishing art scene with a thriving art district, lined with art galleries and studios. Downtown Shanghai’s M50, an old factory converted into an impressive art gallery, includes some of the city’s best talent. This neighborhood is home to Shanghai’s one and only public graffiti space, and it’s a sight to be had. Shanghai is home to a boastful number of art museums, ranging from the ancient to the avant garde. Have you seen photos of the China Art Palace? Google it right now. It’s been compared to the Met, and it is the biggest museum in the country.

Journalism majors and those passionate about art and culture may be interested to learn about ISA Internships’s partnership with Time Out Shanghai. Time Out is Shanghai’s highest quality local magazine and website, reporting on all aspects of the city’s culture, art and entertainment scene. Time Out is an international brand, with magazines and websites in over 30 cities around the world. ISA interns at Time Out take photos and draft text for a large range of venues, including spas, restaurants, and art galleries to include on Time Out’s website. Interns spend most of their day out and about, capturing the pulse of the city rather than working in the office. Interning at Time Out allows students to gain experience using images for digital journalism and editorial processes as well as receive feedback on their work.

Creativity and culture are not only exemplified through Shanghai’s art, but also through its cuisine. From the abundant selection of street food found in markets and food carts to high-end restaurants, food is truly meant to be enjoyed in Shanghai. Xiao long bao, or soup dumplings, are not to be missed, and have a cult-like fan base from tourists and locals alike. Yes, there is piping hot soup broth inside these dumplings. In order to not embarrass yourself when tasting your first xiao long bao, take a small bite out of the top of the dumpling, and drink the broth before you savor the rest. Heaping plates of steaming stir fried noodles, braised pork belly, the freshest of seafood, and crispy scallion pancakes are just a few of the street foods to which you’ll have constant access.

ISA interns in Shanghai, China
ISA interns in Shanghai, China

On the other end of the culinary spectrum, Shanghai offers many exclusive boutique restaurants. The bill is worth every second of the culinary experience. Arguably one of the most exclusive restaurants is Fu 1088. In this charming 1930s Spanish mansion, favorite Shanghainese dishes are elevated to the next level with subtle influences, ranging from French to Japanese. Your palate will be overwhelmed by flavors and textures that simply cannot be replicated in the Western world.

Foodies, marketers, and culinary arts students have the opportunity to intern in a truly international setting with a French catering group through an ISA Internship in Shanghai. Franck Bistrot is a dynamic French-owned business in the heart of Shanghai. Its French bistro of the same name, awarded among Asia’s Best 50 restaurants in 2013 and 2014, opened in 2007. Franck Bistrot quickly expanded to include a French wine and snack bar, an artisanal French bakery and a pop-up seasonal gourmet bar. ISA interns assist in establishing distinct brands, developing a communications strategy, and providing press kit support.

It’s time to think outside the box for truly unique possibilities in China.

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