16 Snaps You Will Take While Studying Abroad

“Snapchat is truly the art form of today.” -Buzzfeed

1. When you say ‘bye felicia to the neverending midwestern winter


2. Obligatory “insert city here with geofilter” selfie


3. When you try to make friends jealous and instead send gibberish because you forgot to switch keyboards

4. When you realize US currency is boring and money can actually be pretty**12669431_585626501589272_5121817802169948785_n

(**Also called the “I can spend all the Monopoly money that I please, right?” snap)

5. (and 6.) When you’re trying to be brave and figure out the public transportation system in a new language


7. When you get a little taste of home

8. Having a ridiculous sleep schedule in order to accommodate your travel needs as well as attend college


9. When you absolutely adore your new European class schedule


10. Wait what oh yeah I still have homework to do in London (oh)snap


11. When you’re trying to be all cultured and stuff but you end up on the wrong side of the city


12. When you confuse all your friends with a Taco Tuesday post from Spain


13. When you’re in a taxi and you realize driving standards are vastly different


14.When the festival in your new city has got you like


15. When you just can’t help yourself and book another weekend trip because “it’s a short flight”


16. When your name is Kelsey and you go to Starbucks

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