Brunching in Prague

Anna Ketterling is a student at the University of Denver and an ISA Featured Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in Prague, Czech Republic

The act of going out to weekend brunch, or as some trendy individuals might say, “brunching,” is an obsession for few that has now taken the social media world by storm. What is better than sleeping in and waking up for the sole purpose of inhaling an unearthly portion of delicious food? From eggs to croissants to extravagant coffee drinks, brunch serves it all. Lucky for Prague travelers, the city does indeed serve it all. If you are on the hunt for a decedent, mouth-watering bouquet of food, look no further than these featured brunch spots.

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1.Café Savoy

The crème de la crème of Prague brunches . . . Café Savoy is conveniently located right off of the main river and directly between several tram stops. The ambience of the restaurant is somewhere between a Baroque French Ballroom and a cozy Czech café. While the food options are essentially endless, the restaurant takes great care so ensure every item is elegant and delectable. It offers large, full-table-sized brunch options with all the fixin’s and leaves little to the imagination while also providing less ambitious guests with a wide range of a la carte options that hold there own. Hands down the best eggs I, and many others, have ever had. But before you start drooling, the key to this location is making sure you get yourself a reservation. Without a reservation, your chances of dropping in and having a wait shorter than three hours is very, very slim.

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2.The Farm

If you are looking for a slightly less “royal” kind of brunch, The Farm is your destination. This café is located in Prague 7, just slightly off of the Hradcanska metro stop. It has a classically rustic and hip feel to it with its natural lighting from the wall of windows and park bench-like seating options. The brunch options at this stop are oversized and fresh! Everything looks and tastes as if it was brought in right from a farm itself. While providing classic brunch options of farm fresh omelets and bacon with eggs, it also offers hearty burgers and succulent salads. However, the real perk here is the coffee punch cards. A very “American” trait if you ask me, but if you purchase more than 10 coffees from The Farm you will end up getting that 11th one free!

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3.Le Petit France

Last but surely not least is Le Petit France. This is the most casual and quick of the brunches featured here. Le Petit France is right off of the Karlovo Namesti metro stop and conveniently located around many hostels. This is the perfect place to satisfy that craving for a truly heart-throbbing croissant. This little café also offers a variety of quiches, cakes, and croissant breakfast sandwiches. While Le Petit France is a great place to pick up a quick pastry and to-go coffee, it also features a cozy seating area that looks out the shops windows creating the perfect atmosphere for some ideal people watching. I can honestly say that Le Petit France has the best almond croissant I have ever had; it is well worth a trip, and that’s coming from a croissant connoisseur!

So all you brunch lovers in Prague, hitting up one of these special spots is the surest way to guarantee you will not only have incredible food, but an incredible “brunching” experience!

The world awaits…discover it.

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