Interning Off the Beaten Path: Australia

Some of the world’s most magnificent beaches, exotic animal species, and impressive urban hubs can be found in Australia. With an extremely diverse landscape ranging from the Great Barrier Reef and the tropic jungles near Cairns in the North, to the snow-capped mountains of the South, to Uluru in the desert with the vast star-filled sky; it’s safe to say that ‘Straya has a little something for everyone.

Off the Beaten Path: Australia | ISA Today

While these landmarks make Australia a distinguished place to visit and live, this only scratches the surface of what it has to offer. ISA Internships partners with Aussie organizations that allow interns to work in niche fields, explore natural hidden gems, conduct groundbreaking research, and learn the ins and outs of PR in the dynamic fashion industry. It’s time to think outside the box for truly unique possibilities from down under.

Depart from Creature Comforts and Intern in Ecotourism

Off the Beaten Path: Australia | ISA Today

Leadbeater Eco Tours takes ISA interns out of the concrete jungle of Melbourne and into the wild as an Assistant Tour Guide. Named after the state of Victoria’s endangered faunal emblem, the Leadbeater’s possum, the company specializes in eco-day tours to the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges.

These day trips to surrounding national parks may be only an hour or two outside of Melbourne city limits, but once inside these National Parks and engulfed by the canopy of Mountain Ash trees, you’ll feel as if you were days away from civilization. When ISA interns aren’t contributing to general office administration and marketing projects indoors, they are getting their hands dirty by assisting with bush and forest tours, ordering and organizing tour groups, and travel and trip sales.

Breaking Stereotypes with Social Psychology Research

Off the Beaten Path: Australia | ISA Today

The Hijab Stall Initiative project at the University of Newcastle is focused on the perception of how non-Muslim Australians viewed Muslim Australians. The goal of this research-based internship is to quantify and qualify how receptive non-Muslims are to learn more about Muslim culture. This experiment explores the personal perceptions of subjects who are willing to try on traditional Muslim clothing, specifically the hijab. ISA interns are key members of the research team through formulating the questionnaire, setting up the experiment, identifying the necessary materials, and creating a database system. Interns have the opportunity to delve into other areas outside of the field of psychology in order to successfully complete this experiment, including marketing research and collaborating with IT. This internship is an experience to not only observe, challenge, and learn about Aussie culture, but become immersed in Muslim culture in Australia.

The Devil Wears RaRa

Off the Beaten Path: Australia | ISA Today

The quirky and eclectic fashion label RaRa Superstar is a rising force to be reckoned with on the Australian fashion scene. ISA interns are encouraged to explore their creative ideas while developing the company’s public relations efforts by contacting stylists, bloggers, and celebrities for promotional events.

Off the Beaten Path: Australia | ISA Today

Interns also had a hand in RaRa’s social media platforms through curating and creating content for the label’s blog, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This social media and marketing opportunity allows fashion-minded interns to have a comprehensive understanding of the operations of a fashion enterprise in a role in which they were directly responsible for the success of business efforts.

Challenge your assumption that an internship is limited to a cubicle. Think of the possibilities when you leave your comfort zone and go abroad for a unique international experience that’s off the beaten path.

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