ISA Gives Back: Latin America

Last week, we shared how ISA students and staff in Seoul, South Korea were able to give back through assisting low-income families safely heat their homes this winter as well as plant trees in Noeul Park. The previous week, we shared how ISA students, participants, and staff in North Africa and the Middle East spent their ISA volunteer days supporting refugees in their abroad communities.  This week, we highlight ISA volunteer day events in Latin America.

While ISA students can study political and social change, problems of contemporary society, and an introduction to environmental science in the classroom, there is so much to give, share, and learn when volunteering in your local community.

Latin America

Buenos Aires, Argentina

ISA Gives Back | Buenos Aires, Argentina

On August 30th, ISA students in Buenos Aires volunteered with Payamedicos, an NGO that uses theater performances and clowning to lift the spirits of hospital patients. This volunteer opportunity not only introduced ISA students to the social justice issues facing the Buenos Aires community and brightened the day of the patients, it also provided students the opportunity to meet porteños and practice their Spanish outside of the classroom.

Barranquilla, Colombia

ISA Gives Back | Barranquilla, Colombia

On October 2nd, ISA students in Barranquilla volunteered with a local organization called NU3, which supports single mothers in vulnerable neighborhoods throughout Barranquilla. NU3’s goal is to help give these mothers resources to provide their families with nutritional lunches and snacks during the school day.

ISA Gives Back | Barranquilla, Colombia

ISA students worked with 30 elementary and middle school students and were able to prepare and serve the students their lunch. After eating lunch, the ISA students prepared a lesson on food vocabulary words in English.

San Jose, Costa Rica

ISA Gives Back | San Jose, Costa Rica

On December 2nd, ISA students and service-learning participants in San Jose partnered with Friends of the World to learn about the issue of homelessness in their host city. The group prepared meals to distribute to individuals in need. This volunteer day activity gave the students and participants the opportunity to lend a listening ear to a group that is often marginalized.

Santiago, Dominican Republic

ISA Gives Back | Santiago, Dominican Republic

On October 2nd, ISA students and service-learning participants in Santiago had the opportunity to join forces with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources on their month-long campaign of reforestation initiatives in October. ISA students and service-learning participants spend the morning planting trees in their community in order to increase air and water quality.

ISA Service-Learning

In addition to ISA volunteer days in Latin America, ISA Service-Learning offers full-time and Study + Service-Learning programs throughout Latin America. ISA Service-Learning connects dedicated people with over 100 local non-profit organizations, schools and clinics that have identified needs and projects to which participants can contribute their time and strengths. Through guided reflection, ISA Service-Learning programs will allow participants to understand how communities across the globe grapple with the complexities of real-world issues.


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