ISA Today’s 10 Most Read Articles of 2015

2015 was a great year for the ISA Today blog, from the year-long City Discovery series, which gave a glimpse into all of ISA’s program locations, to the major face-lift/format that the blog got mid-year. ISA staff provided local insight and global perspective to fill the blog with diverse thoughts and ideas on study abroad.

Here are the 10 most popular posts from the blog in 2015.

1.) Reasons to be Thankful When you Hear, “Mom, Dad…I Want to Study Abroad”

One for the parents out there. A helpful article on how to react to the fact that your child wants to undertake one of the most life-changing things they can do while in college, studying abroad.

2.) ISA partners with The New York Times in Education

2015 saw the announcement of ISA partnering with one of the premier names in news, the New York Times.

3.) 3 Common Myths About Studying Abroad in Jordan

Events this year in the Middle East sparked questions and raised concerns by students, parents and advisors, who are interested in study or service-learning programs with ISA in Jordan. This article helped to shed light on what to expect during a study abroad program here.

4.) Can a Hamburger Help You Determine Where to Study Abroad?

It’s an unexpected question, but this helpful article dips its toe into foreign exchange rates, currencies, and comparative purchasing power.

5.) How to Dismantle the Fabled Spanish “Lisp” to Truly Speak Like a Spaniard

An essential article for anyone planning to study abroad in Spain. This post gives background and sheds light into the uniquely Spanish way of speaking.

6.) Study Abroad Helped Me to Find My “Happy”

Studying abroad is all about breaking out of your comfort zone. In doing so, we realize the world is a big and small place, all at the same time.

7.) Understanding the Korean Language

This article gives background into the Korean language and helps to demystify it through a breakdown of the letters and symbols in which English speakers are already accustomed.

8.) Diversity Abroad: Studying in the Rainbow Nation – A Minority Student Perspective

The first article in ISA’s diversity series, this article takes a hard look at diversity in study abroad and how a study abroad experience in South Africa helped to positively effect three African-American students’ lives.

9.) Surfing, Hiking and Eating: Why You Should be in Santander This Summer

With so many great places to study abroad in Spain, the city of Santander often gets overlooked. This article shines light on this amazing city and helps to demonstrate why Santander is the perfect place to spend a summer.

10.) 20 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Study Abroad Providers

The decision to study abroad is not something to take lightly, but with so many study abroad provider options, it’s hard to know which is the best option for you. This handy list aims to help you figure out the best program and provider for you.

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