Beauty in Differences: 5 Unique Traits of Morocco

Tabitha Hardy is a student at Central Washington University and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. Tabitha is currently abroad with ISA Service-Learning in Meknes, Morocco.


Chefchaouen, Morocco, Hardy, Photo 1

  1. Music and entertainment.

Moroccan music is not only varied in genre, but also by region. A walk through the medina (old city) will undoubtedly expose you to music in Arabic, Darija (Moroccan Arabic), Berber, and even French. Live music is also a favorite pastime. The above photo features a crowd surfer during a concert in Chefchauen, “The Blue City.”

Meknes Medina, Morocco, Hardy, Photo 2

2. Modes of transportation.

Along with the city buses, petit and grand taxis, it is not uncommon to see donkeys wandering the streets carrying heavy loads. These robust animals have the stamina to carry heavy weight for long distances. Petit taxis are ubiquitous, and taxi rides around the city cost only a few dirhams.

Marrakesh Medina, Morocco, Hardy, Photo 3

3. Close sense of community

Moroccans have a sense of closeness and hospitality that makes all feel welcome. In any setting, strangers may approach each other and speak as if they were family or old friends. Warm greetings, accompanied by handshakes, kisses on the cheek, and arms around each other are common throughout the country.

Friouato caves, Taza, Morocco, Hardy, Photo 4

4. Natural wonders

Beyond the beautiful architecture and design of the urban cities, Morocco hosts many secret gems as well. Ouzoud Falls is a popular destination for waterfall lovers, Akchour in Chefchauoen provides beautiful hiking and views, and the above photograph, taken at the Friouato caves near Taza, displays just how magical the country is outside the city.

Meknes, Morocco, Hardy, Photo 5

  1. Identity

Identity plays a huge role in Morocco. Different cultural traditions, such as eating couscous on Fridays, the sacrificing of a sheep on special occasions, and the friendly way people greet each other defines one another’s identity and experience. Once you have been exposed to the love and warmth of the locals, you may decide that you never want to leave.

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