The Coolest Class I’m Taking at Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Nina Breece is a student at McDaniel College and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Sevilla, Spain.

While, study abroad does involve studying, much to my friend’s and family’s surprise after seeing all the pictures of the amazing places I’ve been so far, it doesn’t have to mean that you take boring classes. There are so many different classes that you can take at Universidad Pablo de Olavide, including classes with Spanish students that are in Spanish or English, so there is definitely something that fits everyone’s needs and interests. I am taking five classes at UPO that include Spanish Culture and Civilization, International Management, International Finance, Español de Negocios (Spanish for Business), and Tapas: Una Ventana Gastronomía y Cultura Española (Spanish Cooking Class). All of these classes have allowed me to learn more about the Spanish culture and better understand where I am living.

The most unique class that I am taking is my cooking class. My college in the United States does not offer any cooking classes, so being able to do something completely different is cool! Also, since I live in the Residencia (dorm style living), I do not get the chance to eat Spanish food as often, so it is nice that once a week I know I will get to enjoy some delicious and traditional Spanish cuisine that I prepared myself! This class is taught in Spanish, so not only am learning to cook great food, I’m also learning more Spanish that is associated with the kitchen. Each week has a different focus from things like Andalucían soups, uses for homemade caldo (meat stock), desserts, rices, meatballs, and typical Spanish fried foods.

Tortilla de Patatas
Tortilla de Patatas

Tortilla de Patatas is a staple in the Spanish diet made of potatoes and scrambled eggs with other things added such as onion or ham!

Cooking Class

Forgive the unappealing look of this plate and learn about a few typical fried Spanish tapas- croquetas (creamy and fried with different add ins) and boquerones (small fried fish- a must try in Sevilla).

Not only do we get to cook food, we also get to do tastings of different items from cheeses to different Spanish meats, such as jamón serrano and chorizo. I have learned the necessity of good quality ingredients and especially the important use of extra virgin olive oil, which is a key staple in Spanish cuisine. At the end of the course we are taking a trip to a Spanish market that offers different fresh foods like meat, cheese, and fish (with their heads still on of course) and then we are going out for tapas with our class. Now when I go out to restaurants in Sevilla and look at menus I can recognize many more items on the menu and even tell you how to make them. I am definitely looking forward to taking these new recipes back home to make for family and friends to give them a taste of Spain! When deciding to study abroad in Sevilla, which you all should, definitely consider signing up for the Tapas course as you will thoroughly enjoy every class and leave with a full stomach!

Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, Spain

Don’t worry with the course fee you will be adorned in a stylish outfit and be able to keep that chef’s hat for all your future cooking for your friends and family back home!

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