When You First Arrive in Salamanca

Christina Law is a student at Kansas State University and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is studying abroad with ISA in Salamanca, Spain.

There are so many amazing places to check out when you first arrive in Salamanca, but to get you started in the city here are my top 5:

1. Plaza Mayor

IMG_1721First and foremost, you have to come here. Call a friend, tell them to meet you in Plaza Mayor, and watch how the city moves through this square. Feel free to enjoy an ice cream or something at the plaza, but caution, food is more expensive here, so don’t grab a café here everyday.

2. Valor Chocoleteria

When you first arrive to Salamanca... enjoy churros con chocolate | ISA Student Blog You HAVE to try the “churros con chocolate” here. There are lots of cafés that offer it, but this is best in the city (the locals will tell you the same.) If you are a student, Valor is just around the corner from the San Isidro building.

3. La Puerta de Salamanca

When you first arrive in Salamanca...| ISA Student Blog

Need some luck? Check out this beautiful facade and find the frog! It’s said to bring good luck, but there are also other meanings attributed to it.

4. Local cafes

When you first arrive in Salamanca...| ISA Student BlogIf you’re spending over 2 euros on coffee in Salamanca, that’s too much. Avoid the Plaza Mayor cafes and check out the smaller ones in the city. At this one pictured near the University of Salamanca’s San Boal building, you can get a pastry & coffee for 2 euros!

5. Cross the Río Tormes

DSC_0018Enjoy a nice walk over one of the bridges in Salamanca to get this view from south of the city. This classic view is the one you see of Salamanca when you type in the city’s name on the Internet. It’s way better in person, so step away from the computer screen and go see it.

Hopefully these sights will set you on the right path to explore the city.

One more tip: If you are a student for the semester, enjoy to picturesque walks to class and try out different “calles” so that you can find new places each day.