A Weekend in Salamanca, Spain

 Laura Morse is a student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Salamanca, Spain.

Have a free weekend in Salamanca? Need ideas? Here are 6 great ways to have fun in Salamanca when you’ve only got a few days!

  1. Rent A Bike For The Day
Bike Shop, Salamanca, Spain, Morse
Randi and I getting excited for our bike trip
Plaza de la Glorieta, Salamanca, Spain, Morse
Randi biking by the Plaza de la Glorieta bullfighting ring

Renting bikes for the day is great because you can easily see the whole city on a well-paved green bike path. It will take you along the Rio Tormes, by the outskirts of the city, and through quaint parks.

  1. Eat A Picnic In A Park
Plaza Anaya, Salamanca, Spain, Morse
Enjoying a wonderful day with a picnic in Plaza Anaya

Eating a picnic with friends is always fun, but eating a picnic with friends in front of an ancient cathedral or along the Rio Tormes with a Roman bridge as a backdrop is a MUST! Watch the weather for a beautiful day and practice your Spanish by going to a frutería (fruit market), panadería (bread market), and carnicería (meat market) to buy food for your picnic (don’t forget the Jamón ibérico – incredibly rich cured ham).

  1. Rent A Paddle Boat
Rio Tormes, Salamanca, Spain, Morse
Relaxing on the Rio Tormes

Renting a paddleboat is a wonderful way for you and three friends to spend a lazy afternoon on the Rio Tormes enjoying an amazing view of the Cathedral. And it’s only 5 euros per person!

  1. Ride A Horse In the Countryside
Cowgirl Randi takes Salamanca by the reins
Cowgirl Randi takes Salamanca by the reins

If you want to experience the countryside around Salamanca, horseback riding is the way to see it. The barn “Los Caballos de la Ribera” offers a 2 hour trail ride for 25 euros and includes transportation to and from the city center of Salamanca. The horses are well trained, and the countryside is refreshing.

  1. Take Time To Tour The Bell Tower
The Cathedral, Salamanca, Spain, Morse
All smiles at the top of the Cathedral


The Bell Tower is the tallest part of the New Cathedral that was built in the 18th century, and paying 4 euros to see the best view in the city is completely worth it!

  1. Don’t Forget The Gelato!
Delicious and beautifully decorated gelato flavors
Delicious and beautifully decorated gelato flavors

There are countless places to buy delicious gelato in the city center, and it’s hard to go wrong. Eating gelato while “people watching” on a bench in Plaza Mayor is a common pastime in the city of Salamanca!

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