5 Sydneysider Weekend Destinations

Lindsay Yelas is a student at Florida Atlantic University and is an ISA Photo Blogger. She is currently studying with ISA in Sydney, Australia

Hello from Sydney, Australia, where I’ve spent two wonderful months thus far, as well as my 21st birthday! Now that I’ve had some time to experience the city and the country, here are my five favorite spots to spend a Saturday on this far away island, all under three hours away and a few in Sydney itself.


North Palm Beach stole a piece of my soul with glorious orange sand. Wet suits hang on most bungalow fences here, and hammocks and canoes decorate the front yards of homes. It is a peaceful haven, all tucked away after a winding drive alongside an ocean cliff and through a vibrant jungle.


A walk at Watson’s Bay offers a stunning cityscape view of Sydney from the land opposite to it, while above the bay lays a cliff side path for a higher view. These two playing pelicans have the most magnificent beak color.


The above photo was taken in Maroubra Beach. I crawled up in this cave while the sea mist sprayed me. Not pictured is the puppy who joined me.

isa.1 copy

Strolling Sydney’s Newtown. Newtown has a reputation for its night life and vintage flare seen through its street art and opshops. Tip: opshops, like Salvos and Vinnies, are the Aussie version of Salvation Army or Goodwill.

ISA photo

The Bush Doof is a festival scene that is a bit unique to Australia. I ventured to “Psyfari” in the Blue Mountains, camping and grooving the weekend away. Amazing bands hail from this country!


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