A Top-Notch Day at the Bottom of the World

Oriana Swiatkowski is a student at the Colorado State University and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Cape Town, South Africa.

Welcome to Cape Town, South Africa, where dreams come true. Okay, let’s not get too cheesy here.  This isn’t Disneyland, there aren’t fireworks going off in the background and there are certainly no castles full of princes/princesses (that I have been informed of), but Cape Town is its own kind of “fairytale”, and all you need to determine that is simply 24 hours of your time.

In 2014, The New York Times didn’t coincidently name Cape Town the top destination in the world. The city is full of endless adventures, from hiking to the clouds, to lying out at the beach for the day (or running into the Atlantic Ocean to lose feeling in your toes), to venturing through beautiful neighborhoods you never knew existed.

I have been documenting my time here in Cape Town. Yes, I am the girl that makes everyone hold their forks back until I get a picture of their food, and the one that will go to drastic measures to take that extreme “selfie” that might be life-threatening, but what’s the harm in that? (Rhetorical question) Let’s go through a normal day in Cape Town.

  • 8:00am: A visit to Truth Coffee Roasting to purchase a café latte and a mouth-watering plate of eggs benedict is a must. Traveller 24 voted Truth Coffee Roasting “Best Coffee Shop in the World”, and I don’t doubt their reasoning.

Truth Coffe, Cape Town, South African, Swiatkowski, Photo 2

Truth Coffee, Cape Town, South Africa, Swiatkowski, Photo 1
Truth Coffee Roasting
  • 10:00am: There are three mountain peaks in Cape Town, Lion’s Head being one of them, sitting at 2,185 feet above sea level. This incredible hike overlooks the ocean, the city of Cape Town, and gives you an unimaginable view of Table Mountain; this hike will literally and figuratively take your breath away.

Lion's Head, Cape Town, South Africa, Swiatkowski, Photo 3

Summit of Lion’s Head
  • 11:00am: Bo-Kaap is a Muslim neighborhood that’s been around since 1844. The township is filled with houses of different vibrant colors. Walking down the cobblestone streets that accompany the colored houses makes exploring the neighborhood a beautiful experience, and leaves observers with great photo ops!

BoKaap, Cape Town, South Africa, Swiatkowski, Photo 6

BoKaap, Cape Town, South Africa, Swiatkowski, Photo 5
Bo-Kaap Township
  • 12:30pm: Having lunch on top of the roof provides a meal with a view. Shortly following lunch is a must needed visit to a local ice cream shop called The Creamery. At The Creamery you have the choice of unique flavors such as Barley Malt, Pistachio, Rooibos Chai, Toasted Coconut, and many more.
The Nest
The Nest
The Creamery, Cape Town, South Africa, Swiatkowski, Photo 8
The Creamery
  • 2:00pm: By the afternoon, Cape Town starts to get warm and it’s time for the beach. There are various beaches that surround Cape Town, one being Camps Bay which is great for lying out with friends, and people-watching for the day. It also has a perfect view of Lion’s Head in the background and is surrounded by various shops and restaurants.


Camps Bay
  • 4:30pm: Bay Harbour Market is a market in Hout Bay that is open Friday-Sunday. Here you can find live music, well over 50 stall traders, amazing food/drinks, and an overall great vibe and impeccable ending to your perfect day.

Bay Harbour Market, Cape Town, South Africa, Swiatkowski, Photo 12

Bay Harbour Market, Cape Town, South Africa, Swiatkowski, Photo 11
Bay Harbour Market, Hout Bay

A day in Cape Town can’t be beat.

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