20 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Study Abroad Providers

The ocean of study abroad providers is both wide and deep. With so many different providers out there, choosing the program that’s right for you can become a confusing task. On the surface, many programs may look very similar, especially if they’re in the same city. But with a little research and inquisition, you can find a program that not only fits your goals and suits your budget, but sets the foundation for a life changing study abroad experience.

While there are many more questions that can be asked, here are 20 great questions to get you started.

1.) Will the program offer comprehensive advising support with topics such as selecting the location, navigating the application process, and enrolling in courses?

2.) Does the program offer a robust online pre-departure orientation with pertinent information about the upcoming experience?

3.) Does the program offer a U.S.-based staff trained to handle Visa issues that can also offer support with U.S. consulates?

4.) Does the program offer the support of on-site full-time staff while abroad or are they working for the University?

5.) Does the program offer access to an office serving as a common meeting place and resource center?

6.) While abroad, will the program have 24-hour emergency crisis support from a full-time resident staff?

7.) Will the program provide transportation from the airport on arrival day?

8.) Will the program offer free computer usage and internet access on-site?

9.) Will the program conduct a comprehensive orientation on-site?

10.) Are excursions organized by full-time resident staff to locations of cultural significance to the host city (and sometimes country)?

11.) Does the program organize on-site local activities that expose participants to the local culture?

12.) Is housing included in the price of the program?

13.) Are meals included in the price of the program?

14.) Does the program offer laundry service or at the very least laundry facilities?

15.) Does the program provide comprehensive insurance? What does your insurance included that others do not?

16.) Will the program cost include the host university’s tuition and fees?

17.) Will the program offer access to tutoring services?

18.) Does the program offer carbon offsets for flights departing from the U.S.?

19.) Does the program promise a transcript from the host university upon the successful completion of the academic courses?

20.) Is airfare included in the program?


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