Need to Learn a Language for your Career Path? Go Abroad.

Ashley Alvey is a student at Berea College and an ISA Featured Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in Lille, France.

Studying French language

After I finish my bachelor’s degree, I would like to continue with my studies and earn a master’s degree in order to be an interpreter for both French and Spanish. Being an interpreter demands that you have excellent grammar. Therefore, I have been focusing on studying and practicing my French during my time in Lille. My favorite class I’m taking this summer is my French conversation course in the afternoons. Conversation helps me strengthen my vocabulary and helps me fix small grammatical issues I may have.

The Streets of Paris, France

Studying in Lille has been a wonderful experience. Studying abroad has given me the opportunity to learn about the culture and it gives me the opportunity to speak the language at all times. I have noticed an improvement in my speaking abilities since I arrived one month ago. Studying abroad in another country is a great way to boost your confidence in speaking the local language. You will find that when you return home, your level of vocabulary is better than it was when you left. Being immersed in the culture gives you insight to the informal part of speech.

Before You Go Abroad

The most important piece of advice that I can give to those about to embark on their study abroad experience is to be open-minded and be willing to change how you do things. When living in a different culture, every day things are not the same as they are back home.

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  1. I am spending spring semester of 2016 in Limoges, France and I am very excited about it!! I am a bit nervous though about the language, as I have to brush up my French before I leave in January. Any tips? :)

  2. Hi I am about to start an undergraduate degree in French and Spanish at the University of Bristol, and would love some tips on language-learning at degree level, and also for language-learning in general. I am trying to start a blog that promotes learning languages, gives cultural information and also learning advice, so it would be great if you could give me a few bullet points that I could include in a post (and take on board myself) :)

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