Valencia: Top 5 Places to Pass Through (Your Wallet Will Thank You)

Jayne Camerino is a student at the University of Pittsburgh and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. Jayne studied abroad with ISA in Valenica, Spain.

Mercado Central, Valencia, Spain - Camerino - Photo 1 (1)

1. Afternoon walk in the Mercado Central

Valencia’s Mercado Central is AMAZING – fresh fish, fruit, sandwiches, smoothies and much more. Since it is one of the most highly regarded markets in all of Spain, it is extremely difficult to score a spot here selling your fresh goods. Most of the time, these spots are passed down within families from generation to generation. This makes the sellers very proud to be there, creating an electric atmosphere.

Jardi Botanic, Valencia, Spain - Camerino - Photo 2 (1)

2. Time-Out in the Jardî Botânic
Bring a notebook, sketchbook, novel or anything that relaxes your mind and go sit in Valencia’s Botanical  Gardens during the late afternoon. It is only around 2 euros to get in for the day – well worth the money!

La Playa de la Malvarrosa, Valencia, Spain - Camerino - Photo 3 (1)

3. Sunrise on the Playa de la Malvarrosa 
Although watching the sunset is usually more popular because watching the sunrise consists of waking up at disturbingly early hours, it is a MUST DO here. Watching the sunrise on the Mediterranean Sea was one of the most breath-taking, beautiful things I’ve ever seen. 

La Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Valencia, Spain - Camerino - Photo 4  (1)

4. Night tour through La Plaza del Ayuntamiento
At night, La Plaza del Ayuntamiento is lit up and beautiful! This is one of Valencia’s main squares and is home to the Town Hall, Post Office and more. 

Rio, Turia, Valencia, Spain - Camerino - Photo 5 (1)

5. Go for a walk through the Rio, Turia Park
The Rio is the big park that sits across most of Valencia. It is filled with paths to run, walk, bike, read, picnic and more. Beautiful flowers and trees line the paths making it a relaxing destination!

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