Souvenirs from Abroad: Photographing and Painting Sevilla’s Past

By Graham Cruise, ISA Spain Site Specialist

Whether photography or painting are your passions, bring a piece of Sevilla home with you after discovering the city through these art forms. Students will embark on a journey through time – and through Sevilla – to photograph and/or paint its parks, plazas, streets, monuments and neighborhoods, while learning about the city’s architecture and history. At the end of the term, students will carry home their masterpieces as souvenirs of their unforgettable experiences in one of Spain’s most archetypal locations.

Photo by ISA Student Mikenna Marin

In full-semester programs at the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, students can take the Introduction to Photography: Photographing Sevilla course. The in-class portion will cover the theory and history of photography and, later, students will put their new knowledge to practice by visiting and documenting symbolic spots around the city. Students will get to test out their newly-acquired photographic skills and understanding of Spanish architecture by capturing the distinctive features of the city from a social-anthropologic perspective on camera. With no specialized camera requirement, students will utilize their smartphones to complete weekly photographic assignments and presentations aimed at encapsulating the spirit of the architectural masterpieces that are spread across the city. Students will be able to easily share their creations on Instagram to capture the attention of their friends and family back home. (Bonus points: Use #ISASevilla when uploading photos to social media!)

Photo by ISA Student Alyssa Francis

While gaining an understanding of their presence in famous Sevillan literature, students in the semester course Photographing Literary Sevilla, offered at the Universidad de Sevilla, will explore the city’s landmarks through the lens of their cameras. In the classroom, students will learn to critically analyze the images collected during regular field trips around the city to compose photo-narratives of the city’s literary past. Offered in English or Spanish, this course combines a comprehensive study of photographic techniques with an in-depth analysis of the stories and myths that enshroud Sevilla. A digital camera with fully manual options, including the ability to change the ISO, aperture and shutter speed will be required of each student.

Painting in Literary Sevilla

To gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Sevilla’s artistic heritage, students can take the course, Painting in Literary Sevilla at the Universidad de Sevilla, which aims to give students a greater cognizance of the city in which they are living. Through the interpretation of literary passages about Sevilla, students will visit, paint and draw several places of literary interest to bring these fabled stories to life. With new visits every week, students will surely grow fond of art and the city, as every visit includes an introduction to the site, its history, its architecture, its figures and its legends.

Through a study of the most emblematic places that appear in Sevilla’s stories and legends, ISA programs in Sevilla allow students to fuse the city’s lettered past with a touch of artistry, as they create original pieces that they will be sure to treasure for years to come. As tangible memories of their time in Spain, students will bring home their artwork to share with friends and family, and will serve as a priceless time capsule that will transport them back in time, not only to Sevilla’s past, but to their own enriching experiences abroad.

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Photo by ISA Student Nicole Wrin
Photo by ISA Student Mikenna Marin
Photo by ISA Student Mikenna Marin
Photo by ISA Student Kathryn Henkel

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