12 Songs For Your Study Abroad Playlist

Josie Rojewski is a student at the University of Nebraska, Omaha and is an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Heredia, Costa Rica.

1.  Song:  Shut up and Dance With Me  Artist:  WALK THE MOON

Lead singer Nicholas Petricca dares you not to look back. Whether you’re with friends, acquaintances, or all by yourself this song will pump you up for whatever crazy adventure is just around the bend.

2.  Song: Chocolate  Artist:  The 1975

“We’ll go where nobody knows.”  A mantra for the wanderers of the world. This song perfectly pegs the uncertainty of travel as well as the pure joy and nervous excitement of not knowing what to expect next.

3.  Song:  Seeing Stars  Artist:  BORNS

A perfect song to dance to with your new study abroad friends. Everyone will probably tell you that the friends you make traveling abroad are bound to be pals for life, and they are right.

4.  Song:  Chances  Artist:  Athlete

“Take all your chances while you can.” A good reminder to make the most of your trip.

5.  Song:  40 Day Dream  Artist: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

If this song doesn’t make you want to take a really long road trip, then I don’t know what will.

6.  Song:  Don’t Shy From The Light  Artist: Neulore

A mellow tune for a long bus ride that reminds you not to be afraid to do everything you can on your trip abroad, because those who love you will be waiting to hear all about it when you get home.

7.  Song:  The Middle  Artist:  Jimmy Eat World

Feeling a little homesick or stuck in a rut? Jimmy Eat World understands your angst. It just takes some time (and maybe a video call to your best friend or your dog).

8.  Song:  All These Things That I’ve Done  Artist:  The Killers

Perfect to rock out to if you’re having a bad day. Just plug in your headphones and get lost in the symphony of weird noises that is The Killers.

9.  Song:  Mexico  Artist:  The Staves

A lullabye for the restless, this song is all about saving up to escape to a new and exotic place.

10.  Song:  Roll With The Changes  Artist:  REO Speedwagon

A 1978 throwback to remind you that you’re not the first person ever to want to turn some pages and make some changes of your own.

11.  Song:  The Valley  Artist:  The Oh Hello’s

The ultimate travel song with a heavy acoustic sound. I promise it will make you want to see the world.

12.  Song:  Vegas  Artist:  All Time Low

This song perfectly captures everything you do with your study abroad pals.  You take more risks. You have adventures unlike any other you’ve ever had.  You break your own rules. You learn more about yourself than you’d ever thought possible.



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  1. Great list! When I studied abroad I had a travel playlist that really helped me get pumped up for the adventure!

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