8 Photos of the Natural Wonders of Pisac, Peru

Alyssa Silver is a student at the University of Pittsburgh and an ISA Photo Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Cusco, Peru.Pisac, Peru-Silver-Photo1

Meet Don Miguel, my sweet horse, who will be our tour guide through this wondrous journey of Pisac, Peru.

Pisac, Peru-Silver-Photo2

Pisac is about a one hour drive from the center of Cusco, PE. Well, possibly only 40 minutes if your driver knows the roads with his eyes closed. The roads to Pisac are windy, but the views are spectacular.

Pisac, Peru-Silver-Photo3

The Andes mountains are roaring and in Pisac Valley your jaw will drop at every turn.

Pisac, Peru-Silver-Photo4

The trek did not only feature mountainous views. We saw a variety of animals grazing, plants growing, and water rushing by as at almost every minute.

Pisac, Peru-Silver-Photo5

The Andes of Peru is currently in the rainy season. That being said, every tree is full and the grass is the greenest I’ve ever seen.

Pisac, Peru-Silver-Photo6

That also means mud baths are a definite. This pregnant hog is giving herself a scratch on the back.

Pisac, Peru-Silver-Photo7

Due to the big rains, landslides happen. This used to be part of a bridge and is now clearly a piece of art among the natural world.

Pisac, Peru-Silver-Photo8

One of my favorite pictures from the trek features the most sassy cow I’ve ever seen.

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