7 Reasons Why 2015 is the Year to Study Abroad in Florianópolis, Brazil

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly program or a program where you’ll be able to interact with locals – Florianópolis (or Floripa) should be the place you study this year. Here are 7 reasons why:
  1. Program Price Reduction: The program’s price has been reduced so spending the semester in Florianópolis will be $1,000 cheaper this fall compared to past semesters.
  2. No Language Prerequisite: Don’t speak Portuguese? No problem. You don’t need to speak Portuguese to begin your study abroad with ISA on this Brazilian program! You can begin learning the Portuguese language during the program while taking courses in English and then hone your language skills on the streets talking to locals!
  3. Cheaper Airfare: 2015 will produce lower priced airplane tickets compared to 2014!
  4. Global Influence: Brazil is in a period of strong economic development and is expected to be among the world’s top economies by 2050, which means that studying there now will provide you with a unique experience, through observing the impacts of rapid development and gaining insight on the role that Brazil will play in the global economy.
  5. Friendly People: Brazilians are repeatedly ranked as some of the worlds’ friendliest people! Florianópolis especially, with CNN ranking them the Friendliest City in the World in 2013.
  6. Sports Fanatics: With the World Cup ending last year and Brazilians gearing up for the Olympics next year- the focus is on the country’s athletes. Students can watch soccer games, learn to surf with professionals and take full advantage of hiking trails with beautiful views around Floripa.
  7. The Road Less Traveled: Dare to be different! Take advantage of a small population of international students in Floripa and meet locals at school and on the beach.

And did we mention the Island of Magic has 40+ beaches and a lagoon?

Now is a great time to get started on your Fall study abroad adventure. Learn more about Florianopolis and what program is right for you.

Author: International Studies Abroad (ISA)

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