Rooftop Adventures in Madrid

Madrid is a beautiful city that can be observed and enjoyed from any vantage point. However, there is nothing like viewing the highest capital in Europe from the rooftop! Luckily, there are some excellent places to check out Madrid from above! These are our top picks…

Circulo de Bellas Artes

If you’d like to be able to see some breathtaking views of Madrid from an eclectic artsy locale, look no further than Circulo de Bellas Artes! Go straight to the ticket box, pay the 2 Euros for your ticket and take the elevator to the top where you’ll find a nearly 360 degree view of downtown. This non-profit has been in Madrid since 1880 and the building in which it currently resides has been around since 1926. Circulo de Bellas Artes has one of the most active cultural programs in Madrid and includes a theater, concert halls, workshops, a library, exhibition halls and more! After you grow tired of the sights from the roof, make your way downstairs and stop at all the art exhibits on your way down.

The restaurant at the top of El Corte Inglés in Plaza Callao

You’ll probably already be at El Corte Inglés, so why not stop by the restaurant on the rooftop for a steaming café con leche or a rich tortilla española accompanied by a terrific view of Gran Via? If you’re feeling a massage may be in order, take a load off at the spa and enjoy the views while you relax.

Mercado San Antón

Mercado San Antón is an exciting open-air market in the Chueca neighborhood, a few minutes from Puerta del Sol. This market place is filled with tapas, pastries and snacks! It’s also an awesome location to buy flowers, plants and fresh produce. Once you reach the top floor, grab a drink or stop by the restaurant and gaze out at the passersby on the streets below.

Gau Café

Known as one of the most attractive rooftop restaurants in Madrid, Gau Café is worth checking out! The restaurant offers Mediterranean fare and includes vegetarian options for great prices. It’s a fun place to go during warm evenings to appreciate the beauty of the city.

El Ayuntamiento

Recently, el Ayuntamiento or City Hall of Madrid, has begun to offer the option of going up to its rooftop to experience the views of Madrid. From City Hall, you can see the Banco de España, Linares Palace, the Metropolis building and the spectacular Cibeles fountain. It’s free, too – just be sure to make a reservation!

Room Mate Oscar Hotel

If you’d like to splurge on a nice evening out, you may want to consider watching the sunset over Madrid on Room Mate Oscar’s rooftop terrace. Room Mate Oscar is an exclusive hotel where you can enjoy music and refreshments on its 8th floor terrace. You can also pay a little extra to enjoy the swimming pool!


Whether it’s rooftops, museums, streets or something else, start exploring every amazing corner of Madrid during a study abroad experience today.


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