4 Reasons to be in New Zealand This Fall

Here’s our top reasons why you should plan to head to New Zealand for the fall semester.

Counting Down!

4. Seasons – Since New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are flipped. So, while temperatures are dropping in the US, they’re rising in New Zealand. Instead of bundling up, braving the cold wind and sloshing through the freezing snow, you could be enjoying the warm spring sunshine and learning to surf on a stretch of the country’s more than 8,700 miles of coastline.

3. Money – It’s cheaper. Yep, we just lowered prices for Fall 2015 at ALL of our New Zealand universities, so it’s going to cost you a lot less. That means more cash for skydiving, bungee jumping, black water rafting and/or skiing!

2. Festivals – Springtime in New Zealand (Fall in the US) is filled with some awesome festivals. Head to Dunedin for the Cadbury Chocolate Carnival in July, which includes the famous Jaffa Race (Jaffas are little chocolate balls made by Cadbury). During the Chocolate Carnival, thousands of Jaffas are numbered with stickers and rolled down Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world. There’s also Visa Wellington on a Plate, the Wellington foodie showcase in August, as well as the Whitianga Scallop Festival featuring live music and incredible seafood on the Coromandel Peninsula in September!

1. Um…it’s New Zealand! Do you really need more of a reason than that? Surf and ski in the same day. Raft the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world, have lunch at the Green Dragon Inn in Hobbiton, see a penguin up close or relax in a geothermal lake and do all of it in the most beautiful country in the world!

Get a start on studying abroad in New Zealand this fall term!

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