12 Pictures Of Croatia That Will Have You Booking Your Next Summer Vacation There

Rachel Erdenberger is a student at The College of New Jersey and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. Rachel studied abroad with ISA in Prague, Czech Republic.

LOVE View, Supetar, Croatia, Erdenberger

I just want to start off by saying I LOVE Croatia so much, especially the island of Brač that I have been visiting every summer since I was born. The picture above is me on a beach in the lovely, quaint, and fun town named Supetar.

Sea Color, Supetar, Croatia, Erdenberger

The water is LITERALLY crystal clear. No, you do not have to go all the way to Thailand or Greece or Maui to find crystal clear waters. Plus, the sea in Croatia is shark-free, great for your skin, and cooler so you can actually get refreshed when you jump in!

Tri Mosta, Supetar, Croatia, Erdenberger

Did I mention the beaches in Supetar specifically? There are many cool and hip beaches that attract youth (typically ages 18-28) from all over the world as well as families. Croatia is an amazing place to spend a summer vacation because not only is there great night life from July-August, there are also many cool beaches to explore, the one above is called “Tri Mosta,” which means “Three Bridges.” This is because there are three tall bridges that people jump off of and into the beautiful sea.

Zlatni Rat, Bol, Croatia, Erdenberger

If you do decide to make you next vacation to Croatia, island Brač specifically you will find this amazing gem of a beach, which Croatia is famous for. This beach is called Zlatni Rat, or Golden Tip, and just a short boat ride away from Hvar and Korčula which are two other VERY famous and amazing islands, for both their night life and amazing paradise-like beaches.

Hidden Beach, Brac, Croatia, Erdenberger

To reiterate the point that there are many beaches to visit, one day my friends and I decided to explore a part of the island we’ve never been to. I have been to Brač every year for twenty years and am still nevertheless amazed by the views and beautiful beaches. The photo above is from a hidden beach on the opposite side of the island that doesn’t have a name. We needed to drive for 30 minutes on the side of a cliff on a tiny gravel and rock road with no guardrail! Talk about remote!

Harbor, Supetar, Croatia, Erdenberger

The photo above is a typical harbor that every town has–no matter how small. Beautiful! Usually in the “Riva” or town center, where most of the town’s concerts and cultural events happen.

Fountain, Zagreb, Croatia, Erdenberger

There are so many beautiful things to see on Brač, but if you want to venture off and explore the rest of Croatia you can check out Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, which has many beautiful buildings, fountains, and statues!

Vidova Gora, Croatia, Erdenberger

The view from Vidova Gora, the highest point on the Dalmatian Coast with beautiful views of neighbor islands and Zlatni Rat. Be careful though! There are no fences, rails, or any safety precautions… if you go over that is it!

Gelato, Supetar, Croatia, Erdenberger

This Gelato will have you coming back for more… sometimes multiple times a day. If you decide to visit Brač, and Supetar specifically, Barbara hands-down has the best gelato in town and maybe even on the entire island! Try the melon or extra-dark chocolate, depending on how adventurous you are feeling!

Port, Supetar, Croatia, Erdenberger

This is my sister and I at the main port of the town Supetar. This port has hourly ferry connections from Split-Supetar during the summer, a quick 45 minute ride.

Roman Palace, Split, Croatia, Erdenberger

Another place that I recommend you explore while in Croatia is the city on the coast, Split. This is where you can find Diocletian’s Palace. This is my sister and I walking through the palace grounds which are now peppered with local stands, restaurants, and cafes.

Sea, Supetar, Croatia, Erdenberger

Go. Enjoy. Eat. Tan. Swim. Explore.

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  1. Great article. What country are you from? I like you am addicted to Croatia however I live in Australia so it’s a long way. Nevertheless I have been 5 times in the last eight years. It’s the most beautiful place in the world. I have a couple of secret gems you should visit. Mali losinj, rastoke and vodice. Oh and the island of Murter and pucisca on brac if you have not already been. Google them and you will see why.

  2. I also suggest for all of you who want to see Croatia and maybe Italy, great place to stay is Island Krk- so beautiful and so close to see georgeos towns like Krk, Baška, Malinska, old city Omišalj,or maybe one day tour to see places in Italy Trieste, Verona, Venezia… Have a great summer! I am traveling to Croatia – http://www.adriatic-wave.com

  3. Rachel, you did such a beautiful job with this article! Can you please write 100000000 more? 🙏🏻♥️♥️♥️

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