ISA Brazil Students Visit Native Tribe

By Daniel Goulart and Maddi Reising

The Guaraní are group of indigenous peoples throughout South America, including Brazil. UNISUL Professors, Estefânia Tumenas and André Bakker, organized a field trip for ISA Brazil students to visit a Guaraní tribe in the greater Florianópolis area. They visited the tribe’s school and walked deep into the forest to two meeting and meditation spots. A pair of Guaraní men, one being the tribe’s fire keeper, guided the group and answered their questions about Guaraní culture and way of life.

The Guaraní people are intensely spiritual and closely in touch with nature. Their lifestyle and sense of time are highly influenced by natural events, such as the moon’s phases and the sun’s position. At the end of the visit, the fire keeper let the ISA group inside their “chapel”, where the fire has burned for four years uninterrupted. This unique experience was unforgettable and students left with a renewed appreciation for the world’s diversity and its many beautiful cultures.


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Author: International Studies Abroad (ISA)

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